Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Good Times and Beer: The Essentials That You Need

The image of home brewing has thoroughly improved over the past two decades. Information about ingredients and equipment has become more readily available making it rather easy to make a good glass of spumes, creativity, and innovation. Homebrewing is fun creative, challenging and you get to share good beer with your friends. Good beer brings with it good times both in drinking and making it. High quality homebrewing is considerably subject to skill and knowledge of the brewer. It is fundamental that the brewing process is smooth and the end result is not only impressive but safe as well. For this to happen, there are various essentials one needs when they brew beer.

Brewing essentials√Before one even begins the process of brewing, it is crucial to ensure that the work is protected from the risk of contamination. Sanitary beer is one of the recommended beer faucets from 52 Brews. It is necessary that this step observed.

There are different methods of sanitation that can be applied, for instance, iodine product or leach solutions.
  • Dry malt extract is another essential product that one should have ready when they brew. Dry malt extract is an important product especially for times when there is a boil-over or other tragic occurrences.
  • In the scenario where one forgets to purchase yeast or forgot to make a yeast starter, having some packets of dry yeast will definitely save the day.
  • Checking temperatures of steeping waters is a good practice for the brewer. This helps the brewer find out whether the temperature is good enough for pitching.
  • Paying attention to gravity is one of the crucial things in brewing. Gravity gives one an idea of what to anticipate from fermentation. The amount of gravity before pitching yeast helps the brewer make a proper prediction of which final gravity reading should be aimed at. Having a hygrometer is hence essential to the brewing process.
  • Water in a spray bottle is also essential, especially in preventing boil overs. A few vigorous spritzes of water puts back down the hot break foams rising in the kettle when boiling begins. The spray bottle also come in handy in preparing before milling.
  • Another must-have in brewing is barbecue or oven mitts. Having well-insulated gloves will certainly prevent burning when carrying out the brewing process. Even when one’s attire is mostly mechanized, it is best to be prepared for situations where one may need to handle hot equipment.Having the right measure of hop additions particularly in the adjustment of alpha acids is also fundamental. A scale to make just the right amounts and proportions of different products used in brewing.
  • Brewing undoubtedly brings a good time, and a snack is an excellent ingredient to having a great time when brewing. Having some cracker, peanuts and perhaps chips or another snack of choice will definitely make brewing even more fun.
Therefore, next to making the best beer possible, homebrewing is also about tinkering, gadgetry, and fun. Further, to truly enjoy the beer, it is vital to ensure that the brewing process brings out a safe and tasty end result. Again, it is critical that one ensures that they have the various essentials when brewing beer, and that they uphold personal safety in the process.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

How to Save Time and Money with Online Grocery Delivery

After choosing to go for online grocery delivery, some people never looked back. It’s mostly the case of married people who have children and don’t have enough time to go spend it at the grocery store. It’s easier for people to place an order online, and it can also help to reduce their grocery bill – sometimes even with a couple of hundreds of dollars.

We’ve written this article to give you tips on how to save money with online grocery shopping.

No more impulse shopping

If you get rid of that impulse shopping, you can save a lot of money. When you’re at home, it’s much easier to stay away from the things you don’t need –such as chocolate, snacks, treats, in general – that you want to buy when you’re at the store. Take Target as an example. You may go to Target for milk, but be sure that you’ll come back with cream, shampoo and clothes.

Keep the waste at low

It’s best to check your fridge while you do the shopping. This way, you also cut out the duplicates and just order the things that you don’t have anymore. This way, you’ll reduce wasted food – as you only buy what you need.

Or, you can go to the site everything you run out of something and place it in the cart right at that moment. You won’t have to run around the store because you forgot to buy one thing – you can just add them in the cart anytime you need them.

Comparable prices are the real deal

You’ll see that the prices from the actual store and the prices from the online store are comparable. Sometimes you may get a high price, but after you know the worth of the products and what the prices should be, you’ll see that they’re pretty similar. When it comes to extra good deals, you can get a lot  - and all of this, without carrying the bags to your home.

You’ll also save time

We all know what it’s like going shopping at an actual store – you waste a lot of time looking for all the items on the list. It’s much easier to type the name into a search bar. Instead of staying a lot in the car and then spending money at the store (plus gas money), you can get the items delivered at your house, then go to the park with your kids (where you won’t be spending any money).

You can choose: you can be home or not. Get your groceries delivered where it’s best for you. If you’re not at home, you need to choose a place for the groceries to be delivered. You don’t have to tip the driver.

Friday, September 7, 2018

5 Quick-Cooking Snacks to Try on Weekends

Most people spend their weekends at home doing chores and maybe trying new recipes. If you have kids, weekends are the best moments to try out new things with them. Despite playing games and watching movies, you can try cooking new snacks that are quick and easy to prepare. Listed below are just some of them:


These are snacks that are easy to make. Cookies can be prepared from different flavors and of different shapes and sizes. They can be prepared in plenty and stored for a few days without going bad. Children love cookies since they are crunchy and easy to carry to school or picnics. You only need to have the right kitchen appliances to be able to get the cookies of your choice. Check on kitchenitemsreview to decide which one is good for your kitchen activities.


These are a must-have snacks in most homes. You can choose to cook fruit cakes, forest cakes, cupcakes or any other type of cake you like. Cakes are favorite snacks for most people and only require a few minutes to bake. They can also portable and you can even take some with you to work. Cakes are also used to celebrate an occasion like a birthday party or wedding anniversaries. Make some for your kids over the weekend and keep them happy.

Sausage rolls and Sandwiches

Sausages are sweet and easy to cook. You can choose to deep fry or roast them. Once they are ready, you put them between two pieces of bread and they are ready to eat. To make a sandwich, cut the sausages into small round-shaped pieces, put them on a slice of bread and add your lettuce and mayonnaise. Sausages can also be added in vegetable salads when cut into small pieces.

Chicken Bites

Chicken is mostly used to make full meals, but you can also get snacks from it. You can choose to cut it into small pieces and deep fry it, then put it on a grill to dry and be crunchy. Another way you can prepare your chicken is mincing it and adding to already boiled potatoes. Chicken is sweet and most people love it, just prepare it in different ways to give it a good taste.


Potato chips are most common snacks in most homes. Chop your potatoes into thin long pieces and deep fry them. You can also choose to make sweet potato or banana chips for the weekend. Children love chips a lot and you can prepare some soup or vegetables and serve them with the chips to make a complete meal.

There are a variety of snacks to try on weekends that are easy and quick to make. It all depends with what you and your family like most. Snacks play a big role on weekends, especially during outdoor activities like picnics and outings. You just need to make enough and enjoy them for the rest of the week. You will need to be creative in the kitchen to be able to make different types of snacks for you and the ones you love.

Friday, August 31, 2018

5 Tips to Taking Your Wife out For a Surprise Date

 Going out on a surprise date with your wife can help in spicing up your marriage life. In fact, most couples are only committed to going out when they are still dating. Once they start living under the same roof, romance tends to go out through the window. As time passes by, you get tied into other commitments that are deemed to be more important than taking your wife for an outing. And before you know it, parenting roles take the center stage.

When you go for a date with your wife, you get an opportunity to talk the things that made you click in the first place and identify loopholes in your relationship that need to be sealed. The problem with some husbands is that they think that they have to take their wives to fancy restaurants for the date to be meaningful. You don’t have to rob a bank to please your wife, taking her to any restaurant on Putney High Street is enough to rekindle romance. Below are tips that can help you in arranging for a night out with your significant other. 

1. Keep It a Secret

Unlike other dates that are planned by both partners, a surprise date is usually organized by one partner who in this case has to be the husband. And since it’s supposed to be a secret, you should make sure that she doesn’t find out about your plans to take her out. You should actually plan for it discreetly so that she doesn’t get any hints. You should also avoid sharing your date idea with the people in her inner circles because they will break the news to her. Some of the people that you can’t trust with such a secret include her relatives and girlfriends.

2. Visit the Venue in Advance

Although the night out should be a mystery to your wife, you should know everything in advance because she will be following your lead when the appointed evening comes. It’s therefore important you visit the venue you intend to take her. This will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the establishment so that you know what to expect. The advantage of doing this is that you can budget for the date by checking the prices of food and drinks.

3. Get Rid of Distractions

Distractions can really ruin your date. You should therefore avoid them as much as you can. If your children are still little, you should make arrangements to bring in a babysitter or take them to a close relative. You should also avoid tagging any friends. Remember, the date is only meant for the both of you. If possible, both of your phones should be on silent mode so that you don’t have to receive or make any calls.

4. Take her to a Unique Place

Even if you are short of options, you should never take your spouse to a place that you have gone before or there won’t be any surprises. You should pick a venue that is a bit far from your home to an extent that she can’t guess where you are taking her. However, you should select a venue that serves her favorite delicacies and drinks to make the night more memorable.

5. Consider her Schedule

For best night out experience, the night out date should be scheduled on a day when your wife is less occupied. Taking her out when she has some unfinished business is a huge mistake because she will not be able to remain focused during the date. Since you are familiar with her schedule, you should be able to tell when she is not busy. When the appointed date comes, avoid getting into any fight with her right from the morning so that she can remain in a sober mood in the evening.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Organize Food In The Refrigerator

Why Organize?

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the refrigerator must be pretty important. Refrigerators work to keep food cold so that it stays fresh longer. The coolness decelerates bacterial growth that eventually spoils the food. If it has been a while since the refrigerator has had a thorough clean and reorganize, consider changing things up to maximize the function of your space.

General Storage Tips Before delving into a section-by-section breakdown of refrigerator must-dos, review some basic strategies for keeping a healthy, economically sound refrigerator.
  • Allow ample space for cold air circulation.
  • Keep clean by removing spills as soon as noticed.
  • Remove spoiled food immediately.
  • Monitor odors.
  • Regularly track expiration dates.
  • Always label and date self-made food.
  • Utilize customizable features in the fridge, such as removable shelves.

The doors are one of the most straightforward spaces to organize in the fridge. Many models have sectioned areas clearly designed for certain products, such as egg trays or condiment packet holders. The key thing to remember with the doors is that this is the area of the fridge with the warmest temperatures and lowest temperature regulation. Highly volatile foods should be kept further back on the shelves; door space is ideal for durable products as well as products that will be used up relatively quickly, such as beverages and condiments.

Upper Shelves 

This portion of the fridge is known for maintaining the most regular temperature at all times. When in doubt, keep this space for foods that are to be eaten raw, because the cooking process will not eliminate harmful bacteria that may have developed in the storage process.

Specific types of foods that do well on the upper shelves include:
  • Leftovers
  • Beverages
  • Herbs
  • Dips
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Deli Meats
  • Bread
Lower Shelves 

The lower shelves are the most vital part of the fridge when it comes to keeping and containing products that have the potential to contaminate, causing food borne illness. Raw meat and seafood are best kept on these lower shelves to mitigate possible spillage dangers. If these products are already being kept on the lowermost shelves, there is little underneath it to be tainted by unfortunate leaks. To further protect the food in the rest of the fridge, make a habit of repacking raw meat and seafood after leaving the butcher. Store packages are flimsy and unreliable compared to plastic and glass storage containers.

Crisper Drawers 

Fridges that contain these drawers usually have them nestled below the lower shelf and above a deli drawer. What makes these drawers unique is that they wick moisture away to keep produce crisp. In a two-drawer setup, devote one to fruit and the other to vegetables. Fruits contain a ripening agent called ethylene. When kept in close quarters with vegetables, premature spoiling will occur.

Deli Drawer and Party Tray Drawer

Some newer models of fridges contain a bonus section: a drawer the width of the entire fridge that is relatively shallow. These are perfect for storing long, flat trays such as sheet cakes or appetizer platters as well as small packages of cured and sliced foods, such as lunch meat and cheese.

Bottom Line 

Throughout each day, the refrigerator is the place where people go to grab snacks, pick ingredients for new food experiments and gather standbys for old family recipes. Creating a comprehensive, safe, organized food storage system facilitates the inner workings of your home. Whether you have a mini fridge or a side-by-side bottom freezer, evaluate your storage needs and capacities to make the most out of any space, kitchen, and home.Do not forget to check out the other resources on Kitchen Byte for more tips, tricks, and how-to guides for your kitchen.

What Food Can Teach You About Other Cultures

There are many different ways to learn about other cultures, but one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable ways is through food. When you experience the food of another culture, you’re actually picking up nuances of the culture without even realizing it. The best part? You don’t even need to buy a plane ticket and leave the country – you can experience the diversity of any culture you wish right in your own home.

We’ve put together a list of all the ways you can learn about other cultures through food:

1. Pick up part of the language

Many ethnic food items may seem like tongue twisters to you, but by going through menus and pronouncing foreign words, you’re actually committing them to your memory with hardly any effort. Not only that, but the process of ordering the food, including all the polite intricacies that go along with it – for instance, the pleases and thank yous – will ease you into learning the language in a fun and interesting way.

2. Experience traditions

There are a lot of traditions around food, and by experiencing the food of another country, you’ll be immersed in the ways they go about their meals. Whether you are eating at the Best Mediterranean Restaurant in NYC or you’ve ordered in a delicious Indian feast, the rules and traditions that these meals are surrounded by will end up making an impact on you. It’s fun to research the way people conduct meal times around the world. Who knows – you might even want to incorporate some of it into your daily routine!

3. Finding new tastes

It’s fun to be adventurous with food, and there’s no better way to do that than to experience cuisines that are completely new to you. Different countries have different ways of using ingredients and spices depending on their geography. For instance, island nations and coastal countries eat a lot of fish. South Indian food is rich in spices and flavor. Being daring with your food choices will open you up to a whole new world of flavor.

4. Become inspired by food

Food isn’t just a necessary fuel for our bodies – it is a way of life for many cultures. You have been brought up on a specific type of food that is dictated by your own heritage. By experiencing the food of other cultures, you can become inspired to incorporate different things into your typical home menu while learning at the same time. Some ethnic foods are easy to make, but others can be complicated, but this shouldn’t put you off giving it a try. If you are really motivated, consider a cooking class!

By experiencing the food of different cultures, we learn about the ways and traditions that have been formed through generations. Food has a special place in each culture, and by learning about it and incorporating it into our daily lives, we become a more enriched and aware society. There is a lot to learn about food, so keep this in mind and choose an ethnic cuisine next time you decide to go out for dinner.

Friday, August 17, 2018

7 Snacks Ideal for Moving Day

Although a moving day symbolizes new beginnings and opportunities for many people, it is an exhausting one with many activities to undertake such as packing, cleaning and organizing your new home. The least you can do is making or buying snacks for you and your helpers to keep you full and energized the entire day. The ideal snacks should not be heavy because they may slow you and your team. Choose snacks that ease hunger and are quick to prepare.

Below are seven easy to prepare snacks for your moving day.

1. Sandwiches

On a moving day, sandwiches never disappoint and provide a great snack. You can make sandwiches by using ham, eggs, chicken, and tofu and play with different types of bread. Also, you can use whole wheat bread to make peanut butter sandwiches that are tasty and energizing.

2. Cookies

You can bake or buy cookies for your moving day. Rather than go for the regular cookies, you can choose oatmeal cookies that are more nutritious and healthy. Cookies taste amazing when everyone is sitting on boxes after a tiring moving day.

3. Dark chocolate Coconut Protein Balls

They are delicious, simple and easy to make snacks for your moving day. The protein balls are made using honey, chia seeds, almond butter, dark cocoa powder, coconut, vanilla, and protein powder to produce an incredible taste and health benefits.

4. Dried Fruit
Dried fruits are good options for a moving day because they contain protein fiber and natural sugars to keep you energized and satisfied the whole day. You can choose from a wide range of dried fruits ranging from dates, prunes, peaches, apples, and raisins. You and your team of professional movers will enjoy the sweet taste and nutritive value of dried fruits when moving.

5. Trail Mix

Trail mix is a perfect snack mix for the momentous moving day because it is lightweight, nutritious, and provides a quick energy boost. You can go beyond the traditional trail mix made of raisins and peanuts and combine anything that sounds good. You can also include chocolate, candies, dried fruits, and grains to get your preferred sweet or savory taste.

6. Tacos

Treat your kids to this traditional Mexican snack on a moving day and they will love it. Tacos are versatile and allow you to use different fillings such as beef, chicken, vegetables, and cheese depending on your preferences. Do not forget to garnish them a bit with salsa, onions, avocado, or lettuce.

7. Celery and Peanut Butter 

Celery and peanut butter are great and easy to make snacks that many people love. They provide useful fiber and protein to keep you full and your body and mind agile.

At times, it is impossible to get a real meal on a moving day, so healthy snacks come in handy and give you the energy to keep going. Although pizza and beer are staples for the moving day, you do not have to settle for them; you can be unique and prepare something different. Try out some of these snacks on your next moving day and you will be full and energized the whole day. Importantly, ensure you drink lots of water to keep you hydrated. Happy eating, and happy moving.
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