Thursday, April 11, 2019

Which meats are great for smoking?

There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to smoking meat. From choosing the right smokers to choosing the right meat, there is a lot to decide in order to get the best smoked meat. Choosing the right meat is perhaps the most important decision to make.

You can go on Project Smoked (our site has smoker reviews, guides, recipes, how-to-articles on smoking and so much more) in order to get a detailed idea about smoking. Nevertheless, here are some of the meats which you must consider as great while smoking:

1.    Pork Ribs
Smoking Pork is an art just like any other meat. There are essentially two basic kinds of pork ribs – spares and baby backs. Spares are the larger part and are more flavorful. On the other hand, baby backs are small and meaty. The cooking time of pork ribs would be between 4 hours and 6 hours. It is recommended to choose either cherry, maple or apple wood in order to reach the best results. It is perhaps the best meat for smoking you can ever come across.

2.    Chuck Roast
A chuck roast is perhaps one of the best thing that you can ever stick on a smoker. The cooking time is an approximate of 6 hours. You should consider using pecan wood while smoking. However, smoking this meat is not an easy thing to do. It requires a lot of time to gain experience and get to know how it works. You can go through different guides to get through the process.

3.    Beef Ribs
Beef ribs are difficult to find within the market but it is worth to hunt them. Smoking beef ribs is also simple. It is as simple as just applying pepper and salt. Cooking time will be between 5 and 6 hours. This is a tender piece of meat unlike other pieces of meat. If you want have something really delicious with vibrant flavor, then this is the right meat to smoke.

4.    Chicken Quarters
Smoked chicken is one of the best things to ever have. Most importantly, smoking chicken quarters require the least time of all. It would only take around 2 hours to do so. Your preferred smoking wood should be maple or apple wood. You can smoke chicken and then serve with a number of different sauces of different temperatures in order to take your meal to a whole new level. Chicken quarter is one of the most preferred meat for smoking.

5.    Turkey Breast
It is better to smoke turkey breasts rather than smoking the entire bird. Mild wood such as maple or apple can be used for turkey. Just like chicken, this requires less time as well. Even though the skin on smoked turkey breast looks pretty, it will not be worth eating.
Smoking meat is an art and science at the same time. Choosing the right meat is immensely important to have the right results. Above are some meats to consider.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Vegetarian and Vegan Meat Substitutes

If you are conscious about your diet, the world of pizzas and wraps accommodates you too. There is a wide range of food products that you can eat without worry including Lebanese inspired freshly bakes pizzas and wraps, bacon, and pepperoni. Let us look at what meat substitutes you can use to make the food you crave for.

1.    Vegetarian bacon

If you are a vegetarian, you do not have to give up bacon. There are so many vegetarian alternatives which you can choose from if you want to make meat-free bacon that will still have a crispy feel and savory taste. Instead of the usual bacon, you could use eggplant, tofu, tempeh, carrots, almonds, chickpeas with bacon flavor, coconut, potato skins, shiitake mushrooms, and chocolate. With a few seasonings here and there such as adding pepper, you will get the flavor you need. 

2.    Vegetable cheese

If you are a die-hard fan for cheese, there are also numerous alternatives you can use to prepare your delicacy. To get away from the usual cow, goat, or sheep milk that you obviously loathe, you can use plant-based ingredients. Here, you put together the protein mass from plants. Lactic bacteria may be present to make the final product more acidic. To make the cheese thicker, you can add oils, thickeners, and emulsifiers. Main ingredients that you can choose from are soy proteins, vegetable oil in solid form such as in coconut or safflower, yeast, cashew nuts, macadamias, arrowroot, pea protein, to mention a few.

3.    Vegetable pepperoni

You also do not have to kick the usual pepperoni out your window if you are a vegan or vegetarian. You can come up with your own pepperoni that is meat-free and still very delicious. Vegetable pepperoni can be made from wheat gluten flour, a protein present in wheat. It gives any vegetarian meal a meaty feel. To make the pepperoni tastier, you can to choose to add several spices of your choice including yeast, tomato sauce, and pepper.

4.    Vegetable pizza

For pizza lovers, yes, you can still have your pizza while avoiding the meat altogether. It will come out tasty and is a good way to have your vegetable servings. You can make one using all-purpose flour and mushrooms. You can also include non-dairy cheese. Of course, use seasoning such as pepper and oregano to add flavor.

5.    Vegetarian wraps

Here is where you can go crazy as the options for vegetable wraps are limitless. For example, you can use tortillas of flour, and make a spread with avocado, garlic, salt, and pepper mash. On the wrap, you can place lettuce, cucumber, and tomatoes. Lebanese inspired freshly bakes pizzas and wraps are an excellent choice when you are looking for vegetarian alternatives.

As you can see, there are numerous meat substitutes for vegan and vegetarians. That means you do not have to avoid pizza, bacon, and other meat products. Using vegetable products only while adding some seasoning, you can make a similar healthier product that you will love.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Workout Nutrition Explained: What to Eat Before, During, and After

Proper nutrition is vital for ensuring body function performance and achieving your workout goals. While training, your eating and supplementation habits will enable you to reap the benefits of your hard work. According to various studies, the right nutrition comes in handy in muscle recovery, body growth, and the composition of body parts, among other functions. Eating the right foods at the right time is crucial for quickly achieving your goals.

Pre-workout nutrition
Failure to eat sufficiently on the day of or before exercising can result in headaches, body aches, and general body weakness. You need pre-workout nutrition, not only to power you through the exercise, but also to facilitate muscle growth and recovery after training. Studies show that eating carbs and proteins before working out has a greater impact on muscle growth than doing so after exercises. Eating a light carbohydrate and a snack rich in proteins about 15-45 minutes before your activity will give you more strength and optimize muscle growth. Some great choices for pre-workout foods include bananas, whole meal toast with eggs, oats, protein powder, and fruits with Greek yogurt. You can also supplement your diet with beneficial steroids from steroid europe to enable you to build muscles, shed fat, and create a killer physique.

Intra-workout nutrition
Although it is mostly disregarded, proper nutrition during the exercise can help you to improve your results as well as help to more quickly repair and restore muscles. You will be able to perform more if you consume carbohydrates while working out. It is common knowledge that endurance athletes benefit from eating carbs as they work out. Studies have also shown that doing so helps improve resistance training workouts as well. It is worth noting that endurance training needs more carbs spread out through the exercise than does resistance training. Some of the recommended drinks and snacks to eat during the workout are Gatorade (a carbohydrate-rich drink) and protein bars with carbs.

Post-exercise nutrition
Post-work out nutrition is crucial since it helps the body to recover, rehydrate, and replenish energy stores, as well as build muscle and enhance future performance. The food that you eat after your activity will determine the protein synthesis that occurs long after completing your workout, thereby influencing your growth and recovery. Besides the immediate post-workout nutrition (generally consumed within 2 hours after the exercise), sports health experts recommend eating a slow-digesting protein, such as casein protein, before sleeping. This will enable your body to recover faster throughout the night, as it avails branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and essential amino acids to your muscles while you are asleep. Some good picks for post-workout foods include:
  • A complete balanced diet food, like rice/potatoes/maize with fish/beef/chicken and veggies/salad
  • A protein shake–the ideal one should have 20-40 grams of proteins and 40-100 grams of carbohydrates
  • Protein ice-cream
  • Casein protein powder—for great results, take about 30 minutes before you sleep
Bottom line Achieving your fitness goals depends primarily on proper nutrition. Eating the right foods is not enough, as it is also imperative to be aware of the timing, as this can help you to improve your performance by significantly changing your body composition. Also, you need to ensure you drink plenty of water before, during, and after training to always be hydrated.

Monday, December 10, 2018

5 Tips to making the best popcorn at home

Popcorn is a favorite family snack that has a distinct crunchy taste. It’s delicious and quite healthy with a dose of minerals, vitamins and whole grains. Also, popcorn is full of good fiber which is great for your health. It’s the perfect snack for those family movie nights or even in your child’s party. Even when you have a tight budget, it’s still possible to squeeze in the affordable homemade popcorn. Keep in mind you’d save lots of money buying a bag of kernels rather than buying the already made popcorn.

When shopping, be sure to select a variety of popcorn flavors so you can make an assortment of flavors with a popcorn maker machine. You can also use a pan or a microwave to make the popcorns. Dress them up however you want to makes it easier for you to prepare them.

Here are 5 tips to making the best popcorn at home.

1.  Store the kernels at room temperature

First things first. Before you make the popcorns, understand how you should store the nuts. Popcorns are made of hard starch and some moisture. The corn, therefore, loses moisture as it heats up and the quality can diminish as this continues. For popcorn to maintain the right level of moisture, they need not be stored in a freezer or a refrigerator since they dry out quickly. Instead, save the kernels at room temperature in a sealed tin. It typically has a shelf life of around 18 months.

2.  Use a popcorn machine

When it comes to using a popcorn machine, the key thing is deciding which device best suits your needs. There are a few things you might want to consider such as the size, output, material, ease of cleaning the equipment and its aesthetic appeal. Using a Popcorn maker machine is one of the best ways of making popcorns since it is healthy, economical and environmentally friendly. Therefore, you might want to consider using popcorn machines when making your popcorns.

3.  Using the microwave method

Using the microwave is probably the easiest way of making popcorn without leaving a mess. All you need to do is fill the bottom of a paper bag with kernels and make sure to fold it a few times to avoid the nuts exploding in your microwave. Place the bag in your microwave for about four minutes on the popcorn setting. You need to be very careful with this method because you may end up burning all your corn. To avoid this, you need to be keen on the amount of time between pops. You will know they are ready when you hear pops that are about two to three seconds apart.

4.  The stovetop method

One of the best ways to add flavor to your popcorn is by using oil. The stovetop method soaks the kernels in the oil as they heat up. Deciding on the right fuel to use will, however, be your biggest challenge. The oil not only affects the taste of your popcorn but also its value of nutrition. Most people prefer using coconut oil because it’s supposedly the cleanest oil, has a better taste and it’s also recommended by manufactures.

5.  Add desired flavors

To do away with plain popcorns (other people may term them as boring), sweeten your popcorns by adding your best flavors. You can achieve this when using a popcorn maker, over the stove or also by microwave. There are several varieties that you could consider. These include butter, cinnamon, and chocolate. You will certainly love these delightful flavors.

These few tips will help you make the best popcorns at home.

Monday, November 26, 2018

5 delicious bread recipes


Perhaps one of the most rewarding experience is making a freshly baked bread. The feeling of making the dough, the smell of the bread right after it’s baked, and the satisfaction you feel when you break the bread if it is properly baked is very fulfilling. For this reason, it is easy to say that baking fresh bread is one of those things that can easily make us feel home and relaxed. And you can do it on any occasion, just for you or for your family. All you need are a few recipes and you can now have your own bread.

Here are five delicious bread recipes you can easily make.

1.    Sourdough bread

This is one of the simplest bread recipes to make out there because it just involves two ingredients: flour and water. When making a good sourdough bread, it is important that you make a good starter. It is simply a mixture of water and flour in order to activate the wild yeasts that are naturally found in flour. You don’t have to buy a commercially-made yeast. This process also means the bread can last longer as it prevents the loaf from going stale fast.

2.    Muesli loaf

For a dense and nutty loaf that is packed with coconuts, oats, nuts, and fruits, Muesli loaf is the perfect bread for you. This bread recipe makes a good breakfast staple. Muesli bread recipe requires a lot of ingredients but the end product is worth it. You are going to need some whole milk, honey, dried active yeast, spelt flour, some oats, nuts, desiccated coconuts, dried apricots, and more.

3.    Soda bread
If you want to bake a good bread for less than an hour, one of the simplest one to make is soda bread. This is very ideal when you are in a hurry as it only requires you to use 4 ingredients. It is basically just a mix of plain flour, a mix of wholemeal flour, bicarbonate of soda, and buttermilk. Once you have properly mixed the dough, just knead them briefly to form into a ball. You can make them for 30-40 minutes and you now have your soda bread.

4.    Savory garlic and cheese swirl buns

If you want to a more savory bread for a dinner party with your friends and family, making a garlic and cheese swirl buns would be the perfect recipe to follow. You will need some whole milk, dried active yeast, plain flour, egg, unsalted butter, and mozzarella cheese. For the garlic butter, you are going to need some unsalted butter, parmesan cheese, garlic, and flat-leaf parsley.

5.    Cheese and garlic pull-apart bread

One of the best bread recipes that people will surely love if you host a dinner party is a cheese and garlic pull-apart bread. It is easy to make and is great to be served whether it is warm or cold. You are just going to need some strong white flour, sprouted spelt flour, salt, active dry yeast, cold-pressed rapeseed oil, emmental cheese, and garlic.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Red Copper Pan - How Difference of Sizes Matter in Cooking

The old Latin saying goes, "A hungry man finds no fault in the cooking." Quite brilliant! Isn't it? But those who may have had to deal with those messy sauces and pastries in the kitchen sink might think again before affirming to the old adage. From the well-seasoned chef in a high-end restaurant to the regular home cook, everyone would agree to the fact that making the right choice of utensils at the onset of a cooking expedition goes a long way in making the process a lot easier and fun.

After all, no one really wants to have a torturous experience in the kitchen, no matter how appetizing and beautiful the dish becomes afterward. For this reason, kitchens are increasingly getting rid of every piece of utensils that seems to make work harder, replacing them with new models and makes that are more convenient to use.

Kitchen appliances with copper coatings are becoming increasingly popular across the globe. Topping this list, of course, is the highly lauded group of red copper pans. Various users have had different experiences with these pans consequently resulting in conflicted reviews. For those who perhaps haven't had an experience with this specific type of pan, here are some few things one may need to know before making up one's mind on whether or not to get one into his/her shelf:

First, they come in different sizes and models- This is one of the best things with these unique copper pans, especially to someone desiring a total overhaul of the kitchen gadgets. The good news is that the pans come in one set, which means that one definitely pays less than if they were to be charged on a pan to pan basis. The set includes the following:

1. The Red copper skillet

This is among the largest pans in the package. It can comfortably hold food enough to feed averagely 6-8 people. Its handle is very comfortable to hold and is user-friendly. It comes fully set with a transparent glass lid.

2. The Inch Fry Pan

This is more popular with small households because it is more compact. It is suitable for making dishes that are considered messier like sauces. It gives the cook a sense of control and limits splashes and spillage. It also comes with a functional lid.

3. The 1.5 Quart Sauce Pot

This pan is unique in that it is much deeper than the previous pans. It is ideal for sauces and soups. Its lid ensures the preservation of flavor and taste as the food simmers.

4. The 10-inch sauce pot

This is the medium size in the set and is more versatile to use. It has a rather shallow and flat bottom that makes it usable as an open pan or a soup pot, depending on one's needs.

5. 2.5 Quart Sauce Pot

This is the largest piece in the set. It is suitable for cooking large amounts of soups or sauces. The most remarkable feature it has is that it is made to endure temperatures of up to 500 degrees Celsius. This means that one can use it as an oven pan too.

6. The aluminum steamer tray

This piece is more of an accessory to the 2.5-quart sauce pot. It can be easily fitted onto the top of a cooking pot to steam vegetables. This saves one time and fuel. Apart from that, it can serve as a pasta strainer. Since it is made from aluminum, it is also quite easy to clean.

7. Red Copper Square Pan

This would be described as a Jacklyn of all trades. It has the following unique features :

  • It's very large and deep and can cook a lot of food.
  • It's very simple and easy to use.
  • Can withstand high temperatures in the oven (up to 500 degrees Celsius).
  • It has a double coat making it ideal for cooking foods with long cook time.
  • It has a nice flat bottom making it fit for fries as well.
  • It has additional accessories: a steam tray, deep frying mesh, a cookbook and a lid.

This said, most users find the cookbook to be of little use because the recipes are just too simple.

8. The 12 Inch Pan with Handle

This pan has all the advantages of the above pieces plus quite a lot more. It comes with two handles that make it easy to lift. Since it is large, it can cook a lot of food as well. Unlike the other pans in the set, it is made of a mix of ceramic and copper, which adds a sense of class to its functionality.

9. Double Coated Flip - Wich

It is the last piece of the set. It is designed in such a way that food is placed in between the two of its non-stick surfaces, locked up in there and placed in the heating source. This way, the food gets cooked evenly from both sides. It is a welcome piece of utensils for sandwich lovers.

One common characteristic of all these pans is their non- stick component. Whatever the recipe or cooking method is, one should be able to simply wipe clean the pans after use. One does not need a lot of time to clean them.

No matter what types of copper coated non - stick pan one chooses to use, it is always important to follow the manufacturer's manual. As a rule, every cook must put each pan to its specific use. A pan with copper coating must never be exposed to extreme heat above what is specified. This would weaken the coat and make it peel off too soon. Any single scratch on the copper surface may also render the pan useless because it will soon begin to stick. For this reason, they should not be scrubbed hard during cleaning. A simple wipe with clean water and soap is usually enough. Finally, a prospective buyer shouldn't believe too much in the Commercial adverts that paint red copper pans as flawless. A mere fact that a pan is coated with copper doesn't make it perfect. Before one gives out cash in exchange for any of the pans, it would be safe to conduct a proper window shopping and settle on a set from the best manufacturer in town.

Monday, October 29, 2018

5 Tips to Cooking with Chocolate

When it comes to dessert, chocolate is a perfect pleasure. Choose it and it’ll cheer you up, lifting up even the worst of moods. Take dark chocolate after dinner and the serotonin content in it can turn your bad day into a joy evening. Besides, the ingredient promises several health benefits.

Do you fall into the group of people who don’t enjoy dessert with no chocolate? Whether you’re a cake, cookie, brownie, or chocolate-dipped candy lover, Alice Medrich tips can help you prepare awesome treats at home. There’s no better individual to learn from when it comes to the sweet ingredient than the chocolate queen.

Alice has written countless books on cooking with chocolate. Her tricks and tips are more than one can count. Whatever treat you love baking, here are the things to keep in mind while working with chocolate to produce a more flavorful and better dessert.

Tip #1: Melt Chocolate Using a Water Bath

There’s no better way to melt your chocolate than to use a water bath. With this method, you can see whatever is happening. You also gain more control over the process as compared to other methods of melting. Moreover, it’s less likely that you’ll burn the chocolate as compared to when you’re using a microwave or a double boiler.

Tip #2: Know When to Melt and When to Temper

There’s a difference between melting and tempering your sweet ingredient. The two processes manipulate your chocolate in different ways. When adding the ingredient to a recipe, it’s better to stick to melting. However, when you want to use the chocolate as a coating for candies and cookies, tempering is the best bet.

Tip #3: Chop Chocolate with a Long Saw-Edged Knife

If you buy heavy bars or big chunks of your ingredient from Santa Barbara Chocolate, it can be such a task to break it down into sizes that are suitable for a recipe. It becomes even more difficult if you want to get small, even-sized slices for uniform melting. Fortunately, a long saw-edged knife can make your work easier and faster. 

Just place the chocolate on your cutting board and start from one end to cut the bars in a rocking motion with the knife. For melting, ensure that the pieces are small and even enough so they can melt evenly.

Tip #4: Get the Secret of Espresso

Are you making something chocolaty? Whether it’s chocolate mousse, crinkle cookies, fudge, or brownies, there’s a very simple trick that you can utilize to up the flavor of your recipe. The secret ingredient is espresso. A shot or two are enough to enhance the chocolate without putting in a strong coffee taste. Extra-dark coffee can also do great.

Tip #5: Don’t Use Chocolate Chips for Melting Option

Keep chocolate chips in the pantry unless your recipe specifically requires them. Instead, use the real ingredient especially when melting it. The format of chips is for holding their shape. Therefore, there are better choices when you are preparing a recipe that calls for melted chocolate.


Preparing high-quality chocolate dessert requires you to apply a number of tricks and tips. The best way to chop and melt your ingredient makes your work easier, faster, and efficient. Similarly, knowing when to use certain forms of your ingredient and various procedures is also key to achieving the best results.
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