Tuesday, August 6, 2019

How Boston Beer Culture Is Unique

Boston is known by many as the largest capital city that plays host to major universities such as Harvard and Boston College. History also places it on a pedestal as a major role player during the great revolution. For beer lovers, Boston offers the best quality beer, and you cannot afford to miss out on this experience. The beers are not just a drink to pass time here; they are more of a beverage with a reputation even on international markets. According to statistics, craft beer commands a 12% share of the beer produced in the US and stands at 3% beer stake worldwide. Due to the popularity of beer, many breweries have come up, and you are always spoilt for choice. To ensure you only get to try out only the best-crafted beers, consider the beers listed below:

1)    King Julius
Brewed with an American double IPA and a 6.8% ABV by the Tree House, it is one of the top Boston beers you will ever have. This magical drink comes with exceptional flavors that leave your mouth fascinated. The uniqueness portrayed by this beer is not only in taste but also where it is sold. The beer is sold at the brewery store, and you should not be surprised if you find queues long before the brewery opens. The beers are packaged and sold in cans every Thursday and Tuesday. However, you can also get your drink from the retail shop anytime during the breweries business hours.

2)    Headroom
Headroom made its debut as a Congress ST. drink in 2015, but it has gained popularity amongst the beer lovers. This bold drink has amazing aromas ranging from Orange, Papaya, and a twist of lemon. Busty flavors ranging from peach, orange, pineapple, and red grapefruit helps it remain smooth with a creamy finish. The beer can be bought straight from the brewery, but you can also enjoy it from Stoddard’s Fine Foods and Ale over burgers or rabbit meat.

3)    Bud Light
This beer is not only light but also one that has seen several adaptations over the years that you can easily find at Ginger Man. Since its conception and release in 1982, the beer has gotten better and met the new taste and preference to suit the drinker. Whether you down it as your burger accompaniment or take a sip as you wait for traffic to ease, its 4.2 ABV helps you remain sober for longer.

4)    Coors Light
Fish, chips, and craft beer has never tasted better, and you can sample this greatness at Salty Dog Seafood Grille and Bar. Despite the array of drinks that you might find, always go for a Coors Light all day every day. The beer also has a cold mark feature that turns blue when cold enough. Its packaging is also to die for and even helped them bag a Gold Award in 2013 from PAC.

5)    Samuel Adams Utopias

Aged from award-winning Barrels of Boston Beer Company, the beer comes off with a taste like no other. Its slightly fruity and sweet taste makes it an ideal drink to have as you look through Bell in Hand windows or over live music in Bostonia Public House. When looking to merge cultures, the beer goes well with Belgian dishes served at Belgian Street Food Café.

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