Friday, July 5, 2019

That’s a Wrap: Easy, On-the-go Meals

Wraps are a wonderfully healthy alternative to often over-stuffed sandwiches.

Both tortillas and bread are made from grains, but there are some huge differences. For starters, one slice of bread can have anywhere from 75-100 calories, whereas one corn tortilla has 60-65 calories.

Dishes made with tortillas also feel less filling and more satisfying, while acting as a vessel to hold fillings much easier. They’re great for picnics and come in various sizes. If you’re a parent, or someone who is often on the go, wraps are a great option for a quick and easy meal!

What should you look for in the perfect tortilla?

In many traditional dishes, such as quesadillas or enchiladas, corn tortillas are used most frequently. But in today’s grocery stores options include whole grain, spinach, tomato, gluten free, and even beet root. No matter your diet you can find a tortilla to fit it – and the recipes to fill it!

Below we’ve included a few options for popular and delicious on-the-go wraps.

Grilled Chicken Wrap

The grilled chicken wrap gained popularity in the world of fast food, especially with Wendy’s 4 for $4 Meals.

But these wraps are actually incredibly easy to make at home and just as tasty.

Here’s our ingredient list and a few simple steps:

•    ¾ lbs chicken thighs or breast, cut into strips hint: thighs are a darker, richer meat that stays moist
•    ½ of a yellow onion
•    Tortillas of your choice
•    Salt and pepper
•    Lettuce hint: iceberg for crunch, but romaine for nutrition!
•    Tomatoes, diced
•    Italian dressing hint: try to make your own at home – recipes are simple with oil, vinegar, and assorted spices

1.    Season the chicken strips with salt and pepper
2.    Heat up a skillet and, with a bit of oil in the pan, begin to cook the onions and chicken together, making sure to turn the chicken to cook through completely. About 5 minutes
3.    Drizzle the chicken, still in the pan, with Italian dressing – cook for an additional two minutes. Transfer the chicken and onions to a small bowl.
4.    Toast the tortillas in the oven or grill for about 2 minutes until warm.
5.    Fill tortillas with chopped/shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, and chicken and onion mix.
6.    Roll tortilla over once, fold in both edges, and then roll until finished. Cut in half and wrap with tin foil for easy travel!

Shrimp and Avocado Wrap

With shrimp low in calories but high in protein, and avocados a source of almost 20 vitamins and minerals, these wraps really pack a punch nutritionally.

For easier assembly, buy cooked shrimp that just needs to be defrosted.

•    ½ cup peeled, cooked shrimp
•    One avocado, cut into small chunks
•    Lettuce of your choice
•    ½ cup chopped bell pepper hint: red, yellow, orange, and green peppers are all the same kind – but red will be sweeter, green crunchier and a bit more bitter
•    ½ lime
•    Cilantro
•    Tortillas

1.    Defrost the shrimp if necessary and keep chilled
2.    Cut the avocado up into bite-sized pieces
3.    Chop the lettuce and pepper, combining in a small bowl.
4.    Chop cilantro and squeeze lime juice, mixing by hand.
5.    Grill or warm tortillas in the oven if you so desire.
6.    Assemble by filling the tortilla with lettuce and peppers, then avocado, then shrimp, and finally the cilantro.
7.    Roll the wrap over once, fold the edges in, and roll again until finished. Cut in half and wrap in tin foil.

Cranberry Turkey Wraps

Reminiscent of a filling holiday dinner, cranberry turkey wraps are satisfying on many levels. Nutritionally dense with a lighter meat, this recipe is great for after Thanksgiving leftovers as well!

•    Shredded or chopped turkey
•    2 celery stalks, chopped
•    ½ cup dried cranberries
•    Spinach hint: baby spinach is more tender and less bitter
•    3-4 tbs mayonnaise hint: check out alternatives, such as vegan mayonnaise or greek yogurt
•    Salt and pepper to taste
•    Tortillas of your choice

1.    In a small bowl, mix chopped turkey, mayonnaise, dried cranberries, celery, and salt and pepper.
2.    Grill or warm the tortilla in an oven if desired.
3.    Fill the tortilla with spinach, and then turkey/mayonnaise mix.
4.    Roll the tortilla over once, fold in on the edges, and finish rolling. Cut in half and wrap in tin foil.

Tips and tricks!

•    To keep a wrap from getting soggy, pack the filling and tortillas separately. Throw your wrap together quickly when you’re ready to eat!
•    If you’re incorporating a dressing into the recipe, consider making it yourself at home. Store-bought dressings are often packed with sodium and other unsavory ingredients. Keep it light and natural by whipping something up yourself.
•    Corn tortillas vs. Flour tortillas – corn tortillas contain little to no fat, and therefore crack easily when being folded. Consider using flour tortillas or other alternatives that will stay soft enough to manipulate.

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