Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Vegetarian and Vegan Meat Substitutes

If you are conscious about your diet, the world of pizzas and wraps accommodates you too. There is a wide range of food products that you can eat without worry including Lebanese inspired freshly bakes pizzas and wraps, bacon, and pepperoni. Let us look at what meat substitutes you can use to make the food you crave for.

1.    Vegetarian bacon

If you are a vegetarian, you do not have to give up bacon. There are so many vegetarian alternatives which you can choose from if you want to make meat-free bacon that will still have a crispy feel and savory taste. Instead of the usual bacon, you could use eggplant, tofu, tempeh, carrots, almonds, chickpeas with bacon flavor, coconut, potato skins, shiitake mushrooms, and chocolate. With a few seasonings here and there such as adding pepper, you will get the flavor you need. 

2.    Vegetable cheese

If you are a die-hard fan for cheese, there are also numerous alternatives you can use to prepare your delicacy. To get away from the usual cow, goat, or sheep milk that you obviously loathe, you can use plant-based ingredients. Here, you put together the protein mass from plants. Lactic bacteria may be present to make the final product more acidic. To make the cheese thicker, you can add oils, thickeners, and emulsifiers. Main ingredients that you can choose from are soy proteins, vegetable oil in solid form such as in coconut or safflower, yeast, cashew nuts, macadamias, arrowroot, pea protein, to mention a few.

3.    Vegetable pepperoni

You also do not have to kick the usual pepperoni out your window if you are a vegan or vegetarian. You can come up with your own pepperoni that is meat-free and still very delicious. Vegetable pepperoni can be made from wheat gluten flour, a protein present in wheat. It gives any vegetarian meal a meaty feel. To make the pepperoni tastier, you can to choose to add several spices of your choice including yeast, tomato sauce, and pepper.

4.    Vegetable pizza

For pizza lovers, yes, you can still have your pizza while avoiding the meat altogether. It will come out tasty and is a good way to have your vegetable servings. You can make one using all-purpose flour and mushrooms. You can also include non-dairy cheese. Of course, use seasoning such as pepper and oregano to add flavor.

5.    Vegetarian wraps

Here is where you can go crazy as the options for vegetable wraps are limitless. For example, you can use tortillas of flour, and make a spread with avocado, garlic, salt, and pepper mash. On the wrap, you can place lettuce, cucumber, and tomatoes. Lebanese inspired freshly bakes pizzas and wraps are an excellent choice when you are looking for vegetarian alternatives.

As you can see, there are numerous meat substitutes for vegan and vegetarians. That means you do not have to avoid pizza, bacon, and other meat products. Using vegetable products only while adding some seasoning, you can make a similar healthier product that you will love.

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