Friday, February 12, 2016

Review: Chobani flip Sriracha Mango Greek Yogurt

I mentioned in my most recent Chobani review that there were some peculiar flavors jumping off the shelves at me at the store.  Peculiar because they just seemed like odd combinations.  Well, today's container of this Chobani flip Sriracha Mango Greek Yogurt is another one of those seemingly peculiar flavor combinations.  Sweet and spicy or sweet and salty or all of the above...I'm not quite sure.  What I do know is Sriracha is spicy/hot and it seems odd to mix it with sweet mangoes.  What I also know is that this container is 5.3 ounces and has 190 calories and twelve grams of protein packed into it.  It's also all natural, kosher and vegetarian.  I think this one set me back about $1.25 at Kroger.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Review: Promax Nutty Butter Crisp Protein Bar

I've been remiss in adding more product to my Promax review collection.  What makes that really pathetic is that I was given a batch of free samples and it has taken me forever to get through them.  Well, today is another addition to that collection (only one more free sample to go) as I take a look at this Promax Nutty Butter Crisp Protein Bar, which is one of Promax's original flavors.  Hooray for that, I suppose.  It's also a bulky protein bar that clocks in at 2.64 ounces and has 300 calories with twenty grams of protein.  It's also gluten free, kosher and vegetarian, so it could be eaten by a wide variety of audiences (I'm trying to spin as much as I can to being positive today).

Monday, February 8, 2016

Review: Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! Salted Caramel Greek Yogurt Mousse

These Whips! products have been popping up in the dairy case at my local grocery stores with increasing frequency and I've been knocking the off with reviews as they've been popping up.  Today's review is of a new flavor that has popped into the case (and Yoplait's product line) in this single serving cup of Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! Salted Caramel Greek Yogurt Mousse.  I was able to get this one at Marsh as a freebie (lucky me!), but it would ordinarily be in the $1.00ish range.  The cup itself is a fluffy 4.0 ounces (same size cup as the other Greek yogurt products, but lighter contents) and contains 100 calories and nine grams of protein.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

How to find a good Greek restaurant

When you want to go out to eat, one of the first considerations is what type of food you are in the mood for. Do you want a really good burger and fries? Are you in the mood for a steak dinner? What if you want to try something a little more exotic? Restaurants are a great way to travel the world through food without the need to take along your passport. But how do you know what makes a great restaurant? Let’s take for example Greek. What makes a great Greek restaurant?

Most larger cities will have a Greek restaurant, but you can’t tell just by looking at any Greek on Wheels menu and know right away whether they are authentic and worth your time and money. Most Greek restaurants will list things like baklava and spanakopita on their menu. So, how do you know whether the restaurant is authentically Greek and not another chain attempting to pass itself off as something truly global? You’re going to have to ask some questions.

Where do you get your meat? They should be able to give you the name of the specific butcher they use.  And it should be a Greek butcher. These details do matter.

Do you import your cheese? The answer should be yes, from Greece. At the very least, they should get their cheese (especially their feta) from a dairy that specializes in making Greek cheeses.

Do you make your own filo dough? The answer should be yes.

Do you use Greek olive oil?

Also, take a look at their menu. Do they stick only to the types of things you’d find on a Greek food truck, such as souvlaki and Greek salad? It’s better to opt for a Greek restaurant that offers a more varied menu that reflects the diverse food culture of the Greek islands. Greece is known for its grilled meats, its fresh seafood, its vegetable dishes, its sauces and condiments and more. If you choose a restaurant that sticks to the basics, you’ll miss out on a truly authentically Greek experience.

When you are heading out with Greek food on the brain, it’s hard to know where to go for the real-deal Greek food experience. Remember, it’s not enough to go to the local diner (which just so happens to be owned and run by a Greek family) and expect to get a truly Greek experience. For that, you’ll have to do a little bit of research and be sure you are spending your time and money in a restaurant that is as committed to creating an authentic Greek dining experience for its customers as you are to finding one. They should source their products from Greek purveyors, create their dishes with traditional recipes in mind, and offer a wide variety of menu items that is representative of all of the delicious food that the Greek islands have to offer.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Review: Blue Isle Mediterranean Spicy Vegetable Yogurt Spread

I mentioned in a previous review that representatives of Blue Isle sent me some samples of their flavors to try out.  Today's review is another one of those samples.  Like all of their products, Blue Isle proclaims that these can be used in smoothies, dips, spreads, mayo replacements, etc., so that's how I'm going to think of this 8.0 ounce container of  Blue Isle Mediterranean Spicy Vegetable Yogurt Spread.  There's eight servings in each container and each serving is two tablespoons that will measure out to 70 calories per serving.  The advertise the probiotic qualities of this front and center on the lid, so I guess I should point that out too.  Hooray for probiotics!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Review: Quaker Quinoa Chocolate Nut Medley Granola Bars

I don't know what it is about these Quaker Quinoa bars and Marsh.  In the last review, I also found that flavor on clearance and once again in a visit to the clearance section, I found this box of Quaker Quinoa Chocolate Nut Medley Granola Bars on clearance as well.  Not sure if Marsh can't sell them or they just can't sell in general, but it seems odd to me.  Either way, a box of these contains five bars and each bar is 1.23 ounces with 150 calories and two grams of protein.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Review: Blue Isle Mediterranean Blueberry Yogurt Spread

The free sample gravy train has been running pretty hard for me over the past couple of months and for me (and possibly the readers), that is a good thing.  It gives me a variety of different things to eat and also review.  Today's review is another product off of that free sample gravy train as I'm looking at this container of Blue Isle Mediterranean Blueberry Yogurt Spread.  Now, everyone is familiar with flavored cream cheese (well, almost everyone), so this is a spin on that with the spread being made from yogurt as opposed to cream cheese.  What's also unique about this is that Blue Isle advertises this as being able to be used in spreads, dips, smoothies (?!), replacements in recipes for mayo, etc.  It's a very versatile product.  A container of this is 8.0 ounces and within that container are eight servings, each measuring out to about two tablespoons.  Each serving packs in 60 calories and a gram of protein.

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