Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Review: EAS Lean 15 S'mores Bar

It's been a long, long (so long I said it twice) time since I took a look at an EAS product here in a review.  Actually, it's been close to two years, so that is a really long time.  Anyway, when I was ambling through my local Kroger recently, I noticed an EAS bar flavor that I had never seen before and quickly snatched up this EAS Lean 15 S'mores Bar for $1.49.  It clocks in at 1.76 ounces with 210 calories and is PACKED (their website emphasizes that) with fifteen grams of protein.

The wrapper image eliminates most of the mystery of this bar, but it's still worth pointing out a few things from my perspective since a wrapper can't convey smell and the wrapper is the ideal look of a product and that often does not match the way the product looks.  First things first, this bar was definitely softer and more flexible than I would have ever imagined.  Sometimes it takes a little strength to break one of these hardcore nutrition bars in half for the blog pictures, but this one broke easily.  That was a good thing because given that, I no longer had to fear for the safety of my teeth (sometimes a concern because these things are so hard).  As for the remaining components, especially those of the name sake s'more (graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow), they were all distinguishable not only visually but also aromatically, which was a wonderful bonus.  The chocolate was present in the form of the base of the bar, chocolate chips in the bar and then with a chocolate swirl on top of the bar.  The marshmallows were present via large chunks of marshmallow spread throughout the base of the bar.  The graham cracker component, which is usually the least prevalent in other manufacturer's s'mores bar was also quite present in the main mix of the bar as it not only smelled wonderfully of graham, but there were also some graham cracker pieces present in the mix.  Quite frankly, from a presentation perspective EAS absolutely nailed this one.

Before I dive into talking about the flavor, I'm quickly going to point out that my observations about how soft this bar was were right on.  It was soft and chewy with pops of melting goodness from the chocolate and marshmallows throughout.  There was also a very slight crunch from the graham crackers too, so this was a textural winner.  It was a flavor winner too because not only were all the flavors present from a visual and aromatic perspective, but they were also present from a taste perspective too.  The chocolate was sweet and did an excellent job complimenting the graham crackers and the marshmallows, which also had a degree of sweetness to them.  As for those graham crackers, their flavor stood out more than I think I've ever experienced in the numerous s'mores bars that I've reviewed on this blog.  I appreciated that and enjoyed it quite a bit.  With that great graham flavor, the sweet chocolate flavor and the vanilla and sweet flavor of the marshmallows, this did a wonderful job of representing the campfire treat.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This bar was so good that I could see it becoming an addiction, so it clearly gets a BUY IT rating.  Like I said, this one did an outstanding job emulating the campfire treat and that is a big-time win because a lot of s'mores bar say that they are s'mores bars and don't deliver.  EAS delivered on this one and I couldn't have been more happy and if you see this in your store and pick it up, I think you'll probably feel the same way.


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