Monday, August 11, 2014

Review: Siggi's Skyr Strawberry Icelandic-Style Yogurt

I'm guessing that your first question is the same one as mine was when I first saw this at my local Meijer...what the heck is "Skyr"?  Well, after doing some deep research (i.e. reading the packaging), I learned that Skyr is an Icelandic way of making yogurt that allows for the yogurt to be extra creamy (they take four times the amount of milk of regular yogurt to do it).  Hmm...interesting.  I can honestly say that I've never heard of that before, so the education of the Crazy Food Dude continues.  Anyway, I picked up this 5.3 ounce container of Siggi's Skyr Strawberry Icelandic Style Yogurt at the aforementioned Meijer for $1.50 and this one packs 110 calories and fourteen grams of protein.  A couple other things of note are that the label proudly professes that this is made from grass fed cows (healthier, I guess) and also that it's made in Yates County, New York, which kind of destroys the Icelandic thing...until you read more.  Apparently Siggi missed the yogurt of his homeland, so decided to start making yogurt on his own here in America.  Good for him.

After I opened this container, it was clear that the Skyr was successful because this was EXTREMELY thick yogurt.  Being used to typical American yogurts, that crazy amount of thickness made this interesting to me.  As for the rest of the components, there were some small bits of strawberry scattered throughout, but there weren't as many as I would have liked, which was sad.  The yogurt itself also had a fairly potent smell of what I would go so far as to describe as sour.  It was definitely interesting.  I guess that what makes it Icelandic.

So taking my first spoonful, I tried to focus on just getting the yogurt and no inclusion of strawberries and I was fairly successful (not that it was hard due to the lack of strawberry bits in here) and while the yogurt had a sourish smell, it didn't really have that taste.  Interestingly, it had kind of a cheesy type of taste, which was odd and interesting at the same time.  I didn't like it at first, but it grew on me with each successive spoonful.  After tasting just the plain yogurt, I then started going after the strawberries and what I got when I tasted those spoonfuls was just the taste of yogurt.  Quite honestly, I had a really, really hard time tasting any strawberry flavor at all and that's probably not a good thing.  Because the strawberry bits were so small, they didn't really mix up the texture at all either, so this ended up being just a mix of very thick and creamy yogurt with the implied presence of strawberries.

Buy It or Fly By It?  If this were just a plain yogurt, I think I'd be okay with it.  But, since this is supposed to be a strawberry yogurt and had no real strawberry flavor at all, I have to give this a FLY BY IT rating which is tough because the plain yogurt itself was fine.  Perhaps I just got a bad container and it would be different if I grabbed another, but based on this experience, I'll be leaving the strawberry-flavored containers in the cooler from now on.  I do have another Siggi's product in queue, so hopefully that one has a bit better performance than what I got here.


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  1. Thanks for the honest review - I was thinking of trying this, but will hold off!! Appreciate all that you do.


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