Friday, August 8, 2014

Review: Edy's (Dreyer's) Outshine Creamy Coconut Fruit Bars

I've spent several reviews on Fruttare bars here on this site, but today is really the first review of a Fruttare competitor as I add another entry to my Edy's review catalog by taking a look at a product out of their Outshine line of bars.  I was able to pick up this box of six Edy's Outshine Creamy Coconut Fruit Bars at Marsh on sale for $3.79 (fortunately I had a $1 off coupon to make that a bit cheaper) and each bar in the box comes in at 2.7 fluid ounces and has 120 calories of frozen, creamy goodness (maybe).

One thing that Edy's does on their website and on the box of this is point out that this is made with real coconut shavings and after I took this out of the box, I could already see the slight coconut shavings in the bar as it was packaged in a simple and bland clear plastic wrapper.  Once I took the bar out of the wrapper, I could smell that coconut as well and it was a smooth smell that was not too overpowering, which was nice.  Edy's also points out that not only does this have coconut shavings, but the creamy factor comes from skim milk, which is how they are able to keep the calorie counts down on this.

As I took my first bite, I did notice that this was in fact soft like the competitor Fruttare bars.  The milk and coconut shavings mixed together for a nice bit of smooth sweetness and despite the fact that skim milk is typically thinner, the milk did have a degree of creaminess to it that mixed well with the entire bar.  As for the coconut shavings, they not only brought a nice flavor, but also brought some different, grainy texture to the bar as the shavings didn't melt immediately like the bar and required a very slight amount of chewing in order to get them down (okay, they didn't require it, but one could chew them if they wanted).  Having that textural difference made what was already a fine-flavored bar a little bit more fun to eat.

Buy It or Fly By It?  There's not much else to say other that what I've said already, so I'll just jump to the end result and give this a BUY IT rating.  This is a more than formidable competitor against the Fruttare version of this flavor and if you see these in the same price range, you really can't go wrong with either as they are both tasty treats.


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