Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Review: LUNA Protein Berry Greek Yogurt Bar

LUNA was a big start of review in the early days of the blog and over time, I've cranked out seventeen past reviews (as of this writing).  Primarily designed for women, I've decreed that it's okay for men to eat them too, thus I happily eat them. A recent trip to Kroger allowed me to discover one of their new (to me) flavors and I snatched up this LUNA Protein Berry Greek Yogurt Bar for $1.25.  The bar itself clocks in at 1.59 ounces and 170 calories with twelve grams of protein. It's gluten free for those that are so inclined as well.

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I'm in a hurry today at work as I type this review, so I'll go ahead and just lift the product description from their website:  "Blueberries and almonds with the tangy flavor of Greek yogurt. It’s your favorite morning treat in a protein packed bar."  Yep, that's what this bar is from an appearance perspective.  There's little bits of blueberries and almonds in the interior of the bar and it's encased in a thick layer of Greek yogurt.  It's quite pliable too, so every now and then, I get pleasure knowing that I'm not going to break my teeth biting into one of these bars that I like to use for reviews.  One thing that the description doesn't tell you, but the bar's wrapper does is that this bar is made up of a macadamia nut butter in its interior.  That's kind of fun.

As I said, this bar was quite pliable and that was definitely the case in terms of its softness when I bit into it.  I appreciated that.  As for the flavor, it was quite good.  Sweet and tangy, it hit several notes.  The sweetness coming from both the blueberries and the yogurt (had honey mixed in) and then the tang coming from the surprisingly large blueberries in the mix of the bar.  The bar also had that slight hint of nuttiness provided from the almonds and macadamia nut butter.  Rolled all together, this was quite a tasty concoction.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I love it when I blow my decision on the last line of the preceding paragraph, so this one obviously gets a BUY IT rating.  This is a nice new offering from LUNA and remember, it's not just for women!  Nothing about this bar is crunchy, so as long as you aren't looking for that specifically, I think this bar would fulfill all your needs.


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