Monday, March 14, 2016

Review: Gatorade G Series Prime Honey Oat Fuel Bar

I frequently see Gatorade's foray into nutrition bars sitting on the shelves of my store.  I've had varying success with them in past reviews, but it seems like the flavors never change.  Upon a recent browsing of Kroger, I happened to notice a flavor of bar that I hadn't seen before, so that led me to snatch up this Gatorade G Series Prime Honey Oat Fuel Bar for today's review.  This bar clocks in at 2.1 ounces and packs in 220 calories and five grams of protein.  Unlike a lot of their previous products that I've reviewed, this bar is neither huge in size nor is it a huge calorie bomb.  Basically, this abandons everything I've come to expect from Gatorade bars as this one is certainly more modest.

Climbing Carabiner

In terms of design, this bar is just not that fancy and that's perfectly fine.  The bulk of the bar is a mix of oats and other typical mix-in ingredients that are all bound together by honey and other typical syrups.  On top of the bar is a a swirl of icing and that's really about it.  The bar, while not huge, certainly did feel bulky in my hand and it carried a nice aroma of honey.  That's it...not really anything else there.

Biting into this, I will say that it was surprisingly soft and chewy.  Certainly more so than I expected going into this.  After that bite, I was immediately hit with a strong, but certainly pleasing taste of rich and sweet honey.  The presence of the oats certainly tamed that honey as they were typically bland and the yogurt swirl on the top also tamed that honey sweetness as it not only broke up the texture of this, but also provided some mild flavor.  The rest of this bar was pretty standard and outside of the honey, there wasn't a lot of other flavor here. I would have expected that though.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I will just come out and say it...this bar was so much more than I expected and I've got to say that it ALMOST qualified as delicious.  Instead, I'll just classify it as very good and definitely hand out a BUY IT rating here.  They honey flavor in this hit just the right notes of being strong but not overwhelming and it made for a very tasty sweet treat (or snack or meal replacement or energy bar or whatever you want to use it as).


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