Thursday, March 24, 2016

Review: Curate Salted Decadence Dark Chocolate & Almonds Bar

Curate bars have successfully infiltrated my Kroger in all shapes and sizes.  Okay, so maybe they are all the same shape and size, but they at least have different flavor varieties and I've taken a look at some of those already.  In standard operating procedure for me and this blog, today's review is another example of me plowing through all the flavor varieties of a particular manufacturer as I take a look at this Curate Salted Decadence Dark Chocolate & Almonds Bar that I was able to pick up at the aforementioned Kroger for $1.79.  Each bar clocks in at 1.59 ounces and has 200 calories with seven grams of protein.  It's also gluten free and crafted with joy, so if either of those things are of interest to you, then maybe that sparked a little interest in this review for you.

As per usual, these bars are crafted with joy and a clear wrapper to allow the world to see what is inside.  What you can see through that wrapper and also after you take the bar out is that it is filled with a plethora of huge dark chocolate chunks and huge Marcona almonds.  There's also some hemp seeds and quinoa in there too, but those chunks and almonds are clearly the stars of the show.  As per the label's direction, there's also almond butter, and sea salt in this mix as well.  All in all, there's a ton of ingredients stuffed in here, which is fitting of a label that has a ton of different ingredients stuffed onto it as well.

Biting into this provided quite surprise to me and I mean that in a positive way.  This bar had a lot more flavor that I would have expected.  The dark chocolate chunks did not really taste bitter like dark chocolate at all.  In fact, they tasted more like a sweet chocolate and I was a big fan of that.  I was also a fan of the texture as this bar was very chewy with the occasional hard pop provided by the almonds and then the soft pop then subsequent melting provided by the dark chocolate chunks.  The quinoa and hemp seeds then provided some graininess and in terms of texture, this was all over the place in a very fun way.  The actual almonds and almond butter gave this a nutty taste too.  What was mostly absent, at least to my tastes, was the sea salt and I was glad for that.  I'm not typically a fan of salty bars and while there was a very mild degree of salt here, it was not strong.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This provided a fun and tasty eating experience, so it gets a BUY IT rating.  With the way the chocolate melted in my mouth, I'd even go so far as to acknowledge that maybe using the word decadence in the name of this bar was not a stretch because it did have a degree of decadence to it.  That's a very positive thing for what turned out to be a very solid bar.


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