Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Review: Chobani flip Peanut Butter Dream Greek Yogurt

I've reviewed a heck of a lot of Chobani products here.  Not as many as General Mills or those monsters, but for a fairly small company (in a manner of speaking, I've nailed Chobani quite a bit.  That said, when I saw today's product on the shelves of my local Kroger as a new product, I was kind of disappointed in Chobani for not having this product until now because it seems like such an obvious flavor combination.  Now, the name of this Chobani flip Peanut Butter Dream Greek Yogurt is not the most obvious thing (and it borders on trying to be overly cute), but the flavor combination of peanut butter and yogurt, albeit Greek, seems like a no-brainer.  Still it took Chobani a while to come to that, so here we are today with this 5.3 ounce cup of Greek yogurt that I picked up for $1.00.  It's 5.3 ounces, 210 calories and has twelve grams of protein.  It's 1.5% milkfat, so it's a bit fattier than most of their Greek yogurts.  On a side note, I love it when product labels differ from what you find on the website (the website states 240 calories.

I don't have a lot of time to type out today's review, so I'll take the easy way out here and copy the description from Chobani's website.  Also, I'm generally lazy, so the "busy" excuse plays right into my hand.  "Vanilla Low-Fat Yogurt with Honey Roasted Peanuts, Peanut Butter Clusters, and Milk Chocolate."  LOL, actually I could have typed that just as fast as the amount of time it took me to talk about how busy I am/was.  Anyway, that's what this it.  The peanut clusters were large, sticky and soft.  I guess I should have expected that from peanut butter, but I didn't.  The milk chocolate was in the form of chips and they were pretty much standard stuff.  The honey roasted peanuts were small, but I could definitely smell the honey in them.  That was quite nice.  As for the vanilla in it's own compartment, it definitely had a mild and nice vanilla smell.  I very much appreciated that and the presentation alone made me very hungry to gobble this one down.

First things first...vanilla Greek yogurt...YUM.  Thick, creamy Greek yogurt with somewhat strong and pleasing vanilla flavor.  The only complaint I have and it is very minor is that it does have that "dry" taste of Greek yogurt.  That's really reaching for something to complain about though.  All I can say about the mix-ins is oh my.  They were delicious.  Soft and hearty peanut butter with strong flavor mixed with sweet milk chocolate chips that melted and coated quickly and then small, but potent honey roasted peanuts where I could definitely both smell and taste the honey.  That surprised me in a very good way.  They honey was sweet and rich and did an excellent job counteracting the saltiness of the peanuts.  When all of those add-ins were dumped into the vanilla Greek yogurt, all I could think was "yummy, yummy, yummy."  This is what a sweet (and healthy, LOL) treat is supposed to taste like.  It was fun, tasty, sweet, etc.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I probably gave this one away already, didn't I?  Obviously this gets a BUY IT rating and I really do think the name of this was appropriate in this instance. Sure, calling something a "dream" is a bit cutesy for my liking, but it worked here because this really was a dream for me and if you are a peanut butter, peanut and/or chocolate lover, I believe you'll feel the same way.



  1. The yogurt with the mix-ins tasted like butterfingers. Loved it.

  2. It is not limited edition right? I found it once and now I cannot find it. I live in Chicago.

    1. I don't think it is limited edition, so I think you just got hosed by your local stores as it seems like they made the decision to take them out of circulation. Boo.


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