Thursday, October 30, 2014

Review: Gatorade G-Series Recover Cookies and Creme Whey Protein Bar

For whatever reason, my typical Kroger has decided to only carry one flavor of these Gatorade G-Series bars which I've reviewed here previously.  I hadn't seen any other flavors until I was recently strolling through an "enemy" Marsh store (not only a different company, but also not my typical Marsh store) and saw a couple flavors of bars that I hadn't seen previously, so I knew I had to snatch them up.  That leads me to today's review of this Gatorade G-Series Recover Cookies and Creme Whey Protein Bar that I was able to grab for $1.99.  This meathead bar clocks in at 2.8 ounces with 360 calories and twenty grams of protein, so it's clearly got a lot of bulk.

The wrapper obviously gives away how this looks, but there's a few key elements worth discussing anyway.  First the chocolate and creme smell is immediate when you take this out of the wrapper and it's delicious.  The creme part is kind of gelatinous, which is of course weird, but I've come to expect that kind of stuff from these hardcore protein bars.  One thing that I've also come to expect is that these bars are rock hard and difficult to break in half.  That was not the case with this bar as it broke in half quite easily and as someone that occasionally fears for their teeth when eating these bars, I took that as a good sign that I would have to break any teeth just to consume this one.  That doesn't make any dentists happy (like I'd go anyway), but it does make me happy.

Hoping for the potential for a soft bar to play out to be true, I was relieved when it actually did and this bar was quite chewy and soft.  The interior texture of the crisp mixed with little chunks of chocolate cookie provide some chewiness and graininess and then the creme layer made that slightly sticky.  The chocolate exterior then melted over that to provide something that had a lot of different textures throughout, which I guess should be expected being that this was such a huge bar.  As for teh flavor, the chocolate was rich and dense and that was balanced with a sweet and semi-light flavor of the creme.  Both of those worked well together and were quite good, but what put this bar over the top was the taste of the interior.  The closest comparison I can think of is to describe it as a dense version of a Rice Krispie treat and when you mix all that together and then coat in chocolate, is it really possible for something to not be good?  Well, I guess it is possible, but in the case of this bar, that didn't happen and this all wrapped up together in a tasty package.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This wouldn't be my first choice to grab off the shelf because I personally do not go for these types of bars because I'm not a major performance athlete or weightlifter and don't need them.  That said, the flavor of this was absolutely delicious and that earns it a BUY IT rating.  If you are an athlete trying to recover from performance or are just looking for a huge bar that would serve as a great meal replacement, this is an excellent option if you see it in your store.


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