Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Review: Klondike Kandy Fudge Krunch Ice Cream Bars

I mentioned in my previous Klondike review that Meijer basically dared me into buying a bunch of Klondike products with a sale that they were running.  Falling victim to that dare once again, I picked up a box of these four Klondike Kandy Fudge Krunch Ice Cream Bars in the same sale for $1.99.  As you can see by the name of these bars, Klondike is quite fond of the letter "K" as they use it three times in the product name, two of which are attempts at being cute and are completely unnecessary.  Oh well, if that "K" is part of your brand strategy, then I guess I get it since I work in marketing too and understand the desire/need to have a way to make yourself stand out.  Anyway, each bar in this box of four weighs in at 2.75 ounces and has 180 calories of light ice cream fun.

I mentioned in the introduction that Klondike is quite fond of the letter "K" as it pertains to these bars.  Based on reading the product description on their website, it's clear that they are also quite fond of fudge as it states "Fudge + Fudge + Fudge + Krunch. Who says arithmetic isn't fun?"  Now, I don't know about you, but I didn't sign up for any math problems when I bought these.  I signed up for dessert and that's it.  No one is going to make me do math!  Okay, all kidding aside, there was a lot of fudge in this bar.  There was the chocolate light ice cream base and that was topped by an injection/river of gooey and sticky fudge that was quite thick and ample on top of the light ice cream.  All of that was then wrapped up in a chocolate outer shell that also contained a mix of rice crisps.

After my first bite, it was quite obvious that the very complex arithmetic problem with all sorts of fudge played out to be true.  This was all chocolate and as a chocolate person, that is wonderful.  The chocolate light ice cream was pretty basic stuff, but it was fluffy and did have solid chocolate flavor.  The outer chocolate shell had brittle crunch and melted quickly to give a sweet and rich milk chocolate flavor.  The rice crisps in that shell also provided some extra crunchy texture to balance out the soft ice cream.  Now, I've left the chocolate fudge "injection" for last for a reason because without it, this bar would have been just any old bar.  The fudge injection saved the day here as it was rich, gooey, thick, sweet and every other single positive adjective that I can think of to describe it.  From a texture standpoint, it added yet another type of texture to go along with the fluffy ice cream and crunchy shell.  From a flavor standpoint, it had a strong blast of chocolate in all it's gooeyness that just added to the all chocolate, all the time motif.

Buy It or Fly By It?  As I alluded to previously, the arithmetic was correct on this one because this was definitely all chocolate and as a chocolate lover, that was a delight for me.  The varying textures mixed with the overabundance of chocolate made this quite addicting for me and as usual, I buried two of them within the course of an hour (not back-to-back like usual though, so I GUESS that's a win).  Clearly all of that earns a BUY IT rating and if you are a chocolate freak or just want an ice cream bar with very appetizing flavor and appealing texture, this is one that is certainly worth picking up.


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