Friday, October 31, 2014

Review: Yoplait Greek 100 Boston Cream Pie Greek Yogurt

I've mentioned throughout the years on the blog here in the various products that I've looked at that model themselves after Boston Cream Pie that I'm a big fan of that flavor combination.  Being that I've lived in Indiana for my entire life, I had never really had the actual cake until recently, but I had consumed many of the donuts that are modeled after it and I always found them to be heavenly.  Like I said, it wasn't until the past few years that I've had the opportunity to try out the cake and it definitely is heavenly as well, so when I saw an opportunity to add to my Yoplait review collection with another Boston Cream Pie themed product, I knew I had to jump on board and grab this single serving cup of Yoplait Greek 100 Boston Cream Pie Greek Yogurt out of the dairy case at Meijer for $1.09.  Now, the thought of Greek yogurt and Boston Cream Pie does seem like an odd combination to me, but my love of the dessert itself allowed me to get over that oddness in order to give this a look.  For the record, this single serving cup is 5.3 ounces and unsurprisingly has 100 calories and thirteen grams of protein.  It's also two points on the Weight Watchers scale if you are into that type of thing.

When I opened this up, I had two immediate observations.  First was that it did smell somewhat like a Boston Cream Pie and not really anything like Greek yogurt, so from that aromatic perspective, Yoplait was doing a decent job representing the flavor.  The other observation was that the smell and everything else that this container encompassed was purely a miracle of modern food science as this was just plain white Greek yogurt.  No chocolate pieces, no cake pieces, nothing.  All chemicals and "ingredients."

In terms of the flavor of this, I would say it did a fairly decent job of nailing the taste of a Boston Cream Pie.  In a Boston Cream Pie, there is the cake, the cream and the chocolate.  Of those three, the flavor that stood out the most in this cup of Greek yogurt was that of the cream as it was semi-sweet and potent.  The cake flavor was kind of blended in with that cream flavor (again, we are dealing with food science here, so this was all basically just yogurt with flavorings in it), so it was definitely present too.  The one thing that was sort of absent though was the chocolate ganache that is spread over the top of the classic Boston Cream Pie.  It was barely there, I suppose, but I would have liked more of it.  What was missing completely from this entire cup was the Greek yogurt flavor and that was definitely a good thing as that tart and tangy flavor would not have worked well with this.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Was this a Boston Cream Pie?  Of course not.  Was it a reasonable approximation of the Boston Cream Pie in Greek yogurt form?  Sure.  For that reason, I'll give this a BUY IT rating.  It's a low calorie approximation of the decadent treat and if you have a craving for the treat itself but are looking to watch calories, this is a decent enough substitute to use to fill that craving.


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  1. This is actually one of my favorite flavors of this line of yogurt (the orange creme and raspberry being close behind or ahead depending on the day),but you sort of hit the nail on the head - there's no way, other than introducing some sort of layering (which probably wouldn't work), the different components that make up a real slice of boston creme pie into a yogurt cup like this. But, the custardy flavor is quite good and the texture of the yogurt is a reasonable match to the creme in the pie. At 100 calories, what's not to like?


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