Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Review: South Beach Diet Chocolate Truffle 100 Calorie Smoothies

I mentioned in my last South Beach Diet product review that I found a diamond in the rough when I found that product hiding at The Dollar Tree where I could steal it for the obvious dollar.  Along with that box of bars, I was able to find a four pack of this South Beach Diet Chocolate Truffle 100 Calorie Smoothies also on sale for the unsurprising $1.00.  Each bottle in this four pack is 8.0 ounces and obviously has 100 calories.  Along with that are six grams of protein and 45% less sugar than the typical chocolate smoothie, so this is clearly a diet product as the product name would imply.

Being that this is a drink and a chocolate one at that, there's not a lot to observe as it regards to this product.  It's a chocolate smoothie and well, it looks just like chocolate milk in terms of appearance and thickness.  It smells just like chocolate milk too, so for people that like chocolate milk (like me), that's at least a good start.  Other than that, I'm not sure there is much else to say here.

In terms of flavor, I'm not sure there's a lot to say either.  This product brands itself as a smoothie, but texturally, it's pretty much chocolate milk in terms of its thickness and flavor.  The chocolate flavor was strong, thick and mildly sweet and one could have fooled me into thinking that I was drinking a bottle of Nesquik chocolate milk (or any other chocolate milk manufacturer).  For something that brands itself as a diet product, I'd say making yourself taste like something that is definitely not a diet product is a good thing.

Buy It or Fly By It?  There wasn't a lot to say in this review as this was just a basic chocolate drink, but my lack of commentary with a product as simple as this should be construed as a good thing.  Had this been awful, I would have probably said a lot.  It wasn't awful and in fact, I thought it was very good and I'll give this a solid BUY IT rating.  It might not always be available for the price that I stole it at, but if you see it in the store at a price you are willing to pay and what a diet product that reminds you of chocolate milk, this would be a good option to grab off the shelf.


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