Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Review: Noosa Aussie-style Blueberry Yoghurt

To say I was delighted by my last Noosa review would be an understatement.  I honestly believe it was the best yoghurt (or yogurt) that I have ever had, so I was very excited to dive into the other container that I picked up in the same sale at Kroger for $1.50.  This 8.0 ounce container of Noosa Aussie-style Blueberry Yoghurt is 280 calories with fourteen grams of protein.  Before I dive into the review, I think Noosa has an interesting backstory.  It's a couple of Australians from the Noosa area of Australia that moved to Colorado and found the area to be similar to home, so they decided to create a yoghurt company selling Aussie-style yoghurt here in America.

Much like my original review, this is a silky and creamy plain yoghurt that is infused with honey, thus making it "Aussie-style".  In addition to that silky yoghurt, there is a puree of blueberries that while ground up a bit more than expected, it is chunky enough for me to say that there are bits of blueberries spread about.  It also had a mild and appealing smell of blueberry emanating from it, so that was quite nice.

My first spoonful was the yoghurt itself and as I said in my last review, this plain yoghurt (I'm tired of typing out that spelling by now, by the way) is by far the best tasting plain yoghurt (and yogurt) that I've had in my entire life.  Unreal.  Anyway, next step was to try the blueberry mix and while it was not surprising in any shape or form, it was nice to know that the flavor delivered as I would have expected it to with mild sweetness and tartness as I'd expect from a blueberry puree.  Just like the last flavor option that I reviewed, mixing the two together provided a wonderful balance of sweet, tart and tang that when rolled up together made a damn fine product.

Buy It or Fly By It?  While this was the lesser of the two Noosa products that I picked up in my sale surge, that is by no means a reason not to eat this.  This was very good and clearly gets a BUY IT rating in my book.  Based on my experiences with the two Noosa products that I've tried out so far, I am very anxious to get to the store and grab some of the other flavors off the shelf because if they are as good as these two, I'm going to have a great and flavorful experience with them too.  Like the label says, these Noosa products are definitely the finest yoghurt.


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  1. I really wish I could find the honey one.. or half the flavors listed on their website.


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