Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Review: Pure Protein Blueberry with Greek Yogurt Style Coating Bar

Last time I tried out one of these Pure Protein Yogurt Style bars, I found it to taste entirely manufactured, but in some bizarre way, I actually found that appealing.  Not sure how that could happen, but it did.  I must be losing it as I get older.  Anyway, wanting to see if I had a similar experience a second time, I picked up this Pure Protein Blueberry with Greek Yogurt Style Coating Bar at Kroger for $1.00.  Just like the last, it's 1.76 ounces and has 190 calories with twenty grams of protein.

As you can see from the picture above, the exterior of the bar is a "Yogurt Style Coating."  I just love the fact that it's a "style" and not actually yogurt.  Like last time, I just can't get over that.  Anyway, the interior of the bar is a flaky, almost doughy like interior that has dried blueberry bits spread throughout.  Again, just like the last bar, but instead of strawberry bits, it's blueberry bits.  Anyway, it had a strong smell of tangy blueberries and it was almost so strong that it cleared out my sinuses.

Taking a bite of this, the yogurt style coating really does nothing other than provide a melting coating that changes the texture of the bar as you are chewing through it.  The interior of the bar is chewy, but it has a flaky type of texture to it and humorously, I would almost compare that to a dried out croissant.  That doughy interior kind of tasted like dough too, so what I had so far was a doughy interior with a melty exterior coating.  Oh yeah, I guess I should talk about the blueberries.  I've tried putting that off as long as I could because well, the blueberry bits are what ruined this bar.  The certainly tasted like blueberries, initially, but they then kept become more and more potent to the point that I felt like I was eating something that was laced with ammonia.  They stopped becoming blueberries and eventually transferred into something acidic that really did start to make me feel as if my sinuses were being burned out.  The hope would have been that the yogurt style coating would have calmed that down, but it did not unfortunately.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I was almost ready to call for medical help after eating this bar because I thought I had ingested acid.  Being that is not a positive experience itself, it's probably a given that I can't give this bar a positive rating, so it sits firmly in the FLY BY IT review section.  The last one of these bars tasted weird, but I somehow found it oddly appealing.  Definitely not the case here...this was not appealing in any shape or form.


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