Friday, December 13, 2013

Review: Kellogg's Special K Chili Lime Cracker Chips

Every few months Kellogg's Special K sneaks out a new flavor variety of it's cracker chips for me to add to the product review catalog.  I was in Walmart the other day picking up some other things and as I was meandering through the grocery section, I noticed that Special K had done it again by sneaking out this box of Kellogg's Special K Chili Lime Cracker Chips as a new product offering.  I was able to get this 4.0 ounce box for $3.00 and each box contains about 3.5 servings of cracker chips with each serving (about 27 chips) having about 110 calories.

Taking these out of the box, I expected the typical thin and light cracker chip that I've had from Special K several times before, so in terms of base composition, that's exactly what I got.  Where the flavor comes in with these is in the flavor/spice dustings that they put on the chips and in this case, there were copious amounts of chili powder and also some lime seasoning as well, although that may have been more of a juice within the actual cracker chip itself.  They also carried strong scents of both, so the good news was that I would not be getting cheated in at least the smell aspect of these chips.  Another kind of fun characteristic is that these reminded me of Cheetos in a way because the flavor dusting was all over my fingers from the time that I grabbed my first few chips.

The smell of the two flavors in these chips also carried over to the actual taste as well as the chips had the strong taste of chili and the accent of sour lime flavoring.  It was an interesting mix of heat and sour and made for two nice individual flavor bursts, albeit ones with some solid heat.  The airy crunch and potato flavoring of the chips added to what was a fun and different product to make my way though, albeit in limited quantities because if you eat too much of this at once, I think you'll be turned off by the wide variety of flavor coming out of this.

Buy It or Fly By It?  These were definitely interesting and since I already said they were fun, these are going to get a BUY IT rating from the Crazy Food Dude.  Like I said, these aren't the kind of product you want to eat too much of at once because you may end up with an upset stomach, but if you can limit your intake to the actual recommended serving size (ish), I think that you'll find these to be a very enjoyable snack.


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