Thursday, December 12, 2013

Review: HannahMax All Natural Cinnamon Sugar Crunchy Cookie Chips

I love it when product manufacturers contact me and ask me to review their new product offerings.  I'm a big freebie guy and while not all freebies are good, I always do love getting them.  Today's freebie leads me to review this bag of HannahMax All Natural Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Crunchy Chips that was shipped to me along with several other bags (some basic flavors, some interesting flavors) to give shots to for reviews.  This bag itself weighs in at 6.0 ounces and each bag has six servings and each serving is roughly five cookies and 130 calories.

These start out with a thin, all natural cookie that has cinnamon mixed into the cookie mix.  It's actually kind of like a Snickerdoodle in that respect.  The top of the cookie (they are varying sizes but I'd say the average diameter is about two inches) are covered in a thick sugar dusting along with a light cinnamon dusting and the cookie itself smells strongly of that sugar and also smells a bit of that cinnamon as well.  The cookies were light and airy as well, so I knew I'd be eating something that was similar, but not as thick as, a classic vanilla wafer.

Biting into this definitely showed that the crunchy portion of these cookies was a good choice to include in the name because these were definitely crunchy and I enjoyed that.  The sugar on top added a wonderful sweetness to what was a surprisingly tame tasting cookie.  Considering that the cinnamon was a key named ingredient here, I was thinking that it would have stronger flavor, but I really didn't taste the cinnamon until the aftertaste and even that taste was mild.  What this essentially tasted like was a thin sugar cookie and like most sugar addicts, sugar cookies have always been right up my alley.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Despite the fact that the cinnamon flavor in these were fairly tame, I was still delighted to eat these and give them a BUY IT rating.  The thing that scares me about these is that they are so good that they are one of those things that I could sit down and eat the entire bag in one sitting and honestly, I almost did.  I left about six cookies in the bag just to somehow dupe myself into the mental reassurance that I didn't devour an entire bag of cookies or else I would have completely felt like a glutton.  Instead, I was just about 80% of a glutton.  Ha!


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  1. I bought these "cookies" from TJ Maxx the other day, only they were the chocolate chip version. I gotta agree with you, they are quite addictive and can be dangerous for potential gluttons. Have you seen those gluten free cookies by WOW baking company? All of their cookies are fantastic - chewy, sweet, and they have some great flavors too. I've had all of them - gingerbread molasses, lemon burst, snickerdoodle (my favorite), peanut butter, and chocolate chip. Give them a try when you get a chance.


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