Saturday, November 16, 2013

Review: Nature Valley Salted Caramel Nut Protein Chewy Bar

Have you ever been to Nature Valley?  Yeah, neither have I and yes, that was probably one of the worst introductions that you've ever read and I apologize.  When the megacompany General Mills keeps spurning out products for it's Nature Valley bar line, it becomes difficult to think of new and creative ways to start off one of these seemingly countless reviews.  So, I'll just dive right into this review of the Nature Valley Salted Caramel Nut Protein Chewy Bar that was mailed to me as part of a free promo.  The bar is 1.42 ounces and has 190 calories with ten grams of protein.

As you can see from the photo above, there's a fair amount of stuff going on in this bar despite the fact that it has a relatively simple name.  The standard "chewy" granola mix of the bar is mixed with tiny bits of ground up peanuts and then larger chunks of almonds throughout.  The base of the bar is then a caramel icing type of coating, all though icing typically goes on top, doesn't it?  I guess I'll just call that "bottoming" then.  Ha, I crack myself up.  Anyway, the bar itself carries a strong smell of caramel and nuttiness, so in terms of named ingredients, they definitely shine through in terms of smell.

When I took my first bite of this, I was definitely nicely surprised by the nice amount of crunch in this "chewy" bar.  The almonds provide some sizable crunch and the ground up peanuts provided some grainy crunch.  That crunch also had a strong nutty taste, which based on the fact that they were nuts, came as no surprise.  They also had a very salty taste and when mixed with the salty caramel, this bar because quite salty.  Speaking of that caramel, it was more of a burnt caramel taste and did not really have any sweetness to it whatsoever.  It did melt in my mouth though, so that coating over the top of the nuts was kind of a fun way to make it through the bar.  This bar was primarily just nuttiness, saltiness and crunch, which was more than fine.

Buy It or Fly By It?  If you are looking for something indulgently sweet, this is not a good option.  If you are looking for a bar that definitely is salty, nutty and also tasty, then this is a very good option for you.  I wasn't looking for anything in particular, so I found my experience with this bar to be quite enjoyable and that gets it a BUY IT rating.  That said, this bar does have so much saltiness in it that you are probably going to want to have some liquid nearby as you consume it.


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