Thursday, August 22, 2013

Review: Lenny & Larry's All Natural Peanut Butter Muscle Brownie

Look at the packaging above.  Seriously, can you possibly dream of any reason that I could resist buying this?  From the hilarious logo to the hilarious product name to the hilarious concept and finally, to the hilarious slogan of "Eat Brownies, Get Muscles!", this Lenny & Larry's All Natural Peanut Butter Muscle Brownie was just screaming "BUY ME!" from the shelf.  Since I always respond to requests (not really), I went ahead an picked this up on sale at Kroger for $1.33.  Each brownie is 2.82 ounces and curiously, each brownie is considered two servings.  Can't say I've ever seen that before.  Anyway, each serving is 170 calories and has ten grams of protein.  As you can see from those numbers, this is definitely a muscle product.

Muscle product or not, after I took this out of the wrapper, what I saw was a big and bulky (hey, muscle!) strong chocolate smelling brownie.  On top of that bulky brownie was a strong smelling peanut butter drizzle and when I broke this in half (one serving), it also contained some small peanut butter chips in the baked portion of the brownie.  Outside of those components, there really wasn't much else to observe.

When I took my first bite, I was kind of thinking to myself "what the heck is this?"  After letting the brownie sink in for a bit, I have to admit, it really did start to taste and feel like a chocolate brownie in my mouth.  Granted, it was a bit more dense, but after this brownie sat in the heat of my mouth for a bit, it essentially started to melt into a soft and almost fresh baked-like brownie (they do proclaim this as fresh baked on the wrapper).  The peanut butter icing then melted in my mouth over the already melting and strongly tasting chocolate component of the brownie.  The chips, while adding a minimal spike of peanut butter crunch to each bite, also began to melt in the heat of my mouth and this went from being something that I was almost scared of to something that was almost the definition decadence, albeit in muscular form.  Honestly, with each successive bite, I enjoyed this more and more.  I limited myself to one serving so as not to gorge myself, but I could have easily devoured (and I definitely wanted to) the other half/serving of this and would have enjoyed every single bite.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I was craving the other serving of this after eating the first serving when I was taking notes for this review and now that I'm typing this review the morning after eating that brownie, I'm craving it again because it was so good.  Anything that makes you crave something the day after definitely gets a BUY IT rating.  Lenny & Larry have a great success here, so I'm glad I picked up another flavor to try out in the future on the same trip that I got this one.  I'm anxious to try that one (maybe all two servings of it) soon.



  1. cookies and cream one is good

    1. I've already got that one purchased, so you'll see that review in the future!

  2. Hey, thank you for the awesome review! We're so glad you loved our brownie. :)

    ~Alyssa @


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