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Review: Breyers Blasts! Girl Scout Cookies Samoas Frozen Dairy Dessert

As a kid, I hated Girl Scout Samoa cookies due to the fact that I hated coconut for most of my life.  Since I've started to like coconut recently here over the past few years, I've given Samoas another chance and they've gone from being a cookie that I hated to being my second favorite Girl Scout cookie (Tagalongs will always be number one, BY FAR).  Since I've grown to like Samoas, I was willing to grab a container of this Breyers Blasts! Girl Scout Cookies Samoas Frozen Dairy Dessert and give it a shot for another Breyers review.  Now, the Girl Scouts had a marketing deal with Dreyers / Edy's for many years, but within the past year, they've switched that branding deal over to Breyers thus the "New" tag on this even though the Girl Scout Cookies Samoas flavor has been around for a long time under a different umbrella.  Not sure why specifically, but the cynic (and realist) in me guess it probably had everything to do with money, not that there's anything wrong with that.  I picked up a 1.5 quart container of this on sale at Meijer for $3.00 and each container has twelve half-cup servings and each serving is 140 calories.

The description of this on the container is so detailed that I might as well post it here to save myself the effort:  "Girl Scout Cookies Samoa pieces, Coconut and a Rich Fudge Swirl in Coconut Caramel Flavored Frozen Dairy Dessert."  Whew, that's a mouthful.  What I can say about that long description is that there definitely was no shortage of coconut in here since when I ripped off the lid, the strong odor of coconut is what immediately greeted me.  Like I said, there was a time in my life when that would have disgusted me.  Now, I love that.  Also quite prominent in this container was the fudge swirl as it was both thick and and amply spread.  The caramel frozen dairy dessert did not really have any caramel smell, but it did have the correct coloring.  The Samoas cookie pieces, while present, were not amply spread and it was obvious that those would only be an occasional treat and not an overstuffed amount like the Blasts! line typically presents.  So, since there seemed to be a shortage of cookie pieces, it was apparent that the frozen dairy dessert and mix would have to do the heavy lifting in terms of carrying the Samoas flavor in here.

So, I first took a quick hit of the coconut and caramel flavored frozen dairy dessert and much like the smell when I first opened the lid, this was mostly coconut flavor.  There was an extremely mild taste of caramel, but had I not read the container first, you could have fooled me that this was caramel.  I then took a quick nip of the fudge swirl and it was definitely rich like the tagline had promised.  The cookie pieces were as I would have expected them to be based on prior history of eating them...extremely crunchy with strong coconut and caramel flavoring.  After my individual testing, it was time to mix together everything into one spoonful and what I got was a fun little bundle of dessert.  The coconut flavor, as I'd expect, was quite strong and the fudge added a sweet gooey and decadent thickness to that coconut flavor (the caramel flavor was there, but not noticeable on its own).  The cookie pieces then added some crunch and graininess to the spoonful as the coconut shards typically found in the cookie added some additional texture on top of the crunch of the cookie as a whole.  Still, much like the smell, this was all coconut, all the time.  If that's not something you are cool with, you will not be cool with this because it could really be too much to handle.

Buy It or Fly By It?  All in all, this was a decent way and alternate way to enjoy Girl Scout Samoas.  Was this the best dessert ever?  No, definitely not.  Was this good enough that I'd recommend to others?  Yes, I would say that it was and that gives it a BUY IT rating, although I can not stress enough the warning about the strength of coconut flavor.  If Samoas are you favorite Girl Scout cookie, then you'll probably enjoy this a ton.  If it's a cookie that you just enjoy and that's it like me, then you'll probably feel the same way about this as I do.  Good, but not great and Dreyers has done a solid job taking over the Girl Scout cookies franchise with this one.

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