Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Review: YoCrunch Yopa! Strawberries with Whole Grain Granola Greek Yogurt

I've mentioned in my previous YoCrunch reviews that I bought a bunch of these Yopa! Greek yogurt cups all in one flurry of a purchase.  Because of that, I had a refrigerator with several different flavors.  At this point, I've gotten so tired of reviewing these that I can barely stand it, so when I saw that this YoCrunch Yopa! Strawberries with Whole Grain Granola Greek Yogurt was the last one out of that flurry of purchases that I made, I was almost relieved.  This is a traditional and boring flavor, but sometimes you find out that traditional and/or boring can be really good or really bad, so that's why I hammer out these reviews.  This cup, like the others, came in at 5.3 ounces and was picked up on sale for $1.00.  It has 110 calories without the granola mixed and and is 190 calories with the granola mixed in.  The total package has thirteen grams of protein.

I don't know what took me so long to realize this, but the YoCrunch tries to be really cute with the way it describes the ingredients in this by saying "Strawberries inside. Granola on top. Deliciousness throughout."  I'll leave the deliciousness part for the next paragraph, but unshockingly, the rest of this is accurate.  The one thing missing from that description is the Greek yogurt and since it was plain yogurt, it's pretty simple to figure out why.  It was just basic yogurt and had a somewhat sour/tangy smell, just like plain Greek yogurt tends to have.  As for the strawberries part of this cup...it was not good.  These were perhaps the saddest looking strawberries I've ever seen. The came in decent sized chunks and smelled faintly like strawberries, but their coloring was almost gray.  Frankly, it was depressing and did not make me want to eat them at all.  Now, I know that is because they are trying to go for natural ingredients here and by doing that, they aren't injecting these strawberries with anything to make them a more vibrant red color, but seeing something so drab really was not appetizing at all.

The coloring of those strawberries was drab and gray and so was the flavor.  They had a slight hint of strawberry sweetness and there was no mistaking that's what they were, but nothing about their flavor popped to me and it really was just something that was absolutely boring.  Mixing that boring flavor with the plain, although slightly tangy, yogurt really did it no favors either as it was just one boring spoonful after another.  Not even the added texture of the sometimes crunchy granola could save it and that's saying something because in my mind, granola saves everything.  This was just a semi-creamy and semi-grainy mess of blah.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Being a mess of blah is not a ringing endorsement, so therefore this gets a FLY BY IT rating.  The rest of the Yopa! flavors certainly projected themselves better than this one, so those are the ones that I'd stick with if I was you and was standing at the store trying to decide which to purchase.  As for me, I'm fatigued on Yopa!, so I'll be staying away for a bit on these.


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