Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review: LUNA Chocolate Dipped Coconut Bar

It seems like I've been on a big LUNA bar kick recently as I've been typing out these reviews.  I've been devouring LUNA Fiber bars left and right, but today, I'm back to a classic LUNA bar with this review of the  LUNA Chocolate Dipped Coconut Bar.  I picked this one up at Kroger for $1.00 and it comes in at 1.69 ounces with 190 calories and nine grams of protein.  LUNA bars are designed for women, but it's okay if men eat them too, right?  I mean, it's okay that girls are in the Boy Scouts, so I think I should be able to eat LUNA bars!

My first observation after taking this out of the wrapper was "WOW, there's the coconut" and what I was referring to was how strong the coconut smell was.  Upon examination of the bar, it is quite obvious why there was a lot of coconut smell...coconuts played a huge part in this bar.  Let's start from the bottom though and then I'll get to why the coconut smell was so strong.  First, the base layer of this bar was typical chocolate topped by the standard oat/rice crisp mix that you find a typical LUNA bar.  I didn't see any, but after perusing the ingredient list, there were also some almonds in this mix, so that was a pleasant suprise.  On top of the oat/rice crisp mix was a coconut, for lack of a better word, spread that topped the entire oat/rice crisp mix.  Within that coconut spread were more coconut shavings so as you can see, there was quite a coconut representation here, so that would describe the smell strength.  The bar was then topped with a decorative chocolate swirl to make it pretty.  Based on how pretty this bar was, I was anxious to jump in because it had a lot of flavors that I enjoy.

After my first bite, I was delighted by the chewiness of the bar.  The rice crisp mix was softer than I expected, although the chocolate that served as the basis for this mix was more of a coating and not really a flavor.  I could feel it in my mouth, obviously, but I couldn't really taste anything that resembled chocolate, so that was slightly disappointing.  As for the coconut portion of the bar, it was everything you could have expected and more.  It had a mild coconut sweetness and while the flavoring announced its presence, it wasn't so overbearing that it ruined everything.  Now, keep in mind that I say that as someone that very much enjoys the coconut flavor, so if you don't feel that way, you may find this overpowering.  One thing that did mystify me was those almonds that were promised in the ingredients.  They were a no show in both flavor and also in my visual inspection.  Strange.

Buy It or Fly By It?  While the chocolate flavor really didn't do anything and the almonds were a definite no show, I still have to give this bar a BUY IT rating because despite those two shortcomings, I still found this bar to be quite delicious.  One thing that sprung to my mind as I was making my way through this bar is that it reminded me in a convoluted way of an Almond Joy candy bar.  The chocolate and coconut had that that candy like mix that made this one seem almost decadent and when you can pack that into a nutrition bar, you've got a clear winner in my mind.


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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed them too! I just bought a package of these coconut Luna bars & love them, you're right they taste just like Almond Joy's which is perfect for me :) But I had to comment to let you know that these are designed for women, not that men cannot consume them, however the amount of vitamins, minerals & the nutritional focus is geared towards women's health. Thus, as a man, you may not receive the proper intake of these qualities or way too much that could potentially produce more feminine symptoms in your anatomy. You can totally still eat them but I'd caution an every day occurrence ;D


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