Thursday, August 2, 2012

Review: Quaker Chewy Dipps Cookies & Cream Granola Bar

As if you couldn't tell by the absurd amount of reviews here, I really like the endless variations of Chewy bar products produced by Quaker.  As long as they keep putting out good ones, I'll keep trying them.  I've already done a couple of Dipps reviews, but now I'm not to another review of this Dipps Cookies & Cream granola bar.  I picked up a box of six of these at Meijer on sale for $2.00.  Each bar comes in at 1.09 ounces and is 140 calories.

Obviously the whole point of the Dipps product line is to take a granola bar and "dipp" it in chocolate and then you've got your new product variation.  In my previous two reviews, Quaker at least dressed up the bars by adding additional peanut butter or caramel prior to dipping them, but in the case of this Cookies & Cream bar, they did nothing.  All this bar consists of is Quaker's typical Chewy granola bar covered in chocolate.  The interior is the granola, the little marshmallow/cream bits and then Oreo-like cookie bits.  That's it.  Not real creative there, Quaker.

I feel like I'm mailing it in here, but if Quaker can't be creative, I'm not going to be creative.  This bar tastes like the Cookies & Cream granola bar dipped and covered in thick, sweet chocolate.  If you want to know how the Cookies & Cream bar interior tastes, you can check out my prior review.  Once you get past that, you get the thick chocolate and it works very well with the granola bar.  In fact, it's delicious.  Although, out of the Dipps bars that I've reviewed so far, this one is the least delicious of all of them.

Buy It or Fly By It?  BUY IT.  It may not be the best of all the Dipps bars that I've had, but it is still darn good.  Plus, every now and then, everybody needs a cookie fix, right?  If that is the case for you, then this bar will help you fill that cookie fix along with some additional crunch.

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