Friday, August 3, 2012

Review: Kemp's Low Fat Chocolate Caramel Brownie Frozen Yogurt

I'm a coupon clipper and not ashamed to admit it, although I'm not obsessive about it like some of those people on those shows.  I try to make it a point to go through the ads in the Sunday paper each week and occasionally I might print a coupon off the internet, but other than that, I don't go too crazy about it.  Anyway, it's that propensity to cut coupons that led me to this review as I saw a $1.00 off coupon in the Sunday paper for this Kemp's Low Fat Chocolate Caramel Brownie Frozen Yogurt.  In addition to my trusty coupon, this was also on sale at my local Kroger, so I was able to pick it up for a fairly solid price of $2.99 for a 1.5 quart container.  As with all containers this size, there's twelve half-cup servings and each serving in this container consists of 130 calories of low fat frozen yogurt.

The container says that this frozen yogurt is "Smooth & Creamy" and I can confirm that is the case when you give it a minute or two to sit out at room temperature.  In fact, it's extremely smooth and creamy and I have to give Kemp's credit for that because one of my major gripes with frozen yogurt has been that it is too icy and hard.  So, with that leg up, I started to take a look at the rest of the container and it all went downhill from there.  While there were several decent-sized brownie chunks spread throughout the container, there weren't a ton of them and I felt that I was sort of getting shorted.  Maybe others wouldn't feel the same way, but that's my opinion as a reviewer.  One place where I KNOW I got hosed was in the amount of caramel in the container.  When you look at the picture on the front, you'd think there would be an abundant ribbon of caramel spread throughout.  What I got instead was a ribbon of caramel that was at first extremely different to find and when I did find it, it was extremely thin and only sparsely populated the container (look at the photo above and tell me if you can find it).  Obviously that was a major let down as caramel and chocolate is one of the better flavor combinations out there, in my mind.

As for the taste of all the components, the chocolate frozen yogurt really was smooth and creamy, especially for a low fat product, and had slightly above average chocolate flavor.  It's wasn't overly sweet or rich, but you could definitely tell you were eating chocolate and since chocolate flavored frozen yogurt (and ice cream) can tend to have a flat flavor, anything that reminds you that you are actually eating chocolate is always a nice thing.  The caramel, well what caramel there was, was more of the gooey type of caramel and not overly sweet.  The brownie pieces were soft and chewy and that was nice when I encountered them, but like I said, it was sometimes a struggle to find enough of them as I went through the container.

Buy It or Fly By It?  My main gripes about this container revolve around how it was constructed.  The taste of the components, when I encountered them, was not memorable but it was at least edible enough that I didn't mind eating it.  That said, the construction of this container and the lack of inclusion and/or sparsity of some of the ingredients gives this one a FLY BY IT rating in my book.  If you can get over the sparsity of add-ins, you may in fact like this a lot.  It's just not for me though.



  1. DUDE - you totally bought the wrong one. Go back now and get the Moose Tracks. It's practically 75% goodies (fudge, peanut butter cups, etc) and 25% vanilla froyo. It's only slightly worse in terms of calories... It's not only my favorite frozen yogurt, but probably my favorite frozen dessert overall. I've had this chocolate caramel brownie business and I agree that it's lackluster... So please go back to Kroger and get the Moose Tracks. You won't believe how good it is...

    1. Thanks for the tip! I'll keep that in mind for my next purchase.


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