Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Review: Quaker Chewy Dipps Caramel Nut Granola Bar

Quaker is apparently very fond of their Chewy bar product line and/or the must have huge successes with it because along with their original Chewy bars, they have several different variations of the bars.  I've reviewed several of these Chewy bars already, but today is my first review of the Dipps extension of the Chewy line with this Chewy Dipps Caramel Nut bar.  I picked up a box of six of these on sale at Meijer for $2.00 and each bar clocks in at 1.09 ounces (larger than a traditional Chewy bar which is 0.84 ounces) and has 140 calories.

These bars are called Dipps for a reason and befitting of the Dipps name, Quaker has taken these bars and dipped them in chocolate so that they have a chocolate exterior.  When I broke the bar in half, I was slightly surprised by the interior texture.  I expected just to see a typical Quaker Chewy bar covered in chocolate, but they played with the mix a little bit on this one and it's actually different.  The interior mix on this one is the traditional oat and granola mix, but it's more airy and not as tightly packed as the normal mix.  Also, there are several small peanut pieces spread throughout.  To make this even better, they've got this mix stacked on top a nice, relatively thick layer of caramel.  On looks and smell alone (strong chocolate and caramel smell), this one is absolutely a winner.

After my first bite, this bar stayed a winner because frankly, it was delicious.  They caramel was sweet, thick and gooey.  The granola mix, while not overly outstanding, was slightly more airy, but about what you'd expect if you've eaten Quaker granola before and heaven knows that I've eaten plenty.  The peanuts added a nice, but small additional crunch to the granola mix as well.  The chocolate was sweet, thick and rich and honestly it was so rich that I felt like I was eating a chocolate candy bar.  All in all, everything here balanced out well, although if you don't have a sweet tooth, this all might be a bit overwhelming for you.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Being that I do have a major sweet tooth and enjoy chocolate candy bars (especially when caramel is involved), I give this a strong BUY IT rating.  This is another successful extension of Quaker's popular Chewy product line and the fact that the chocolate brings additional decadence to an already strong product is a win-win for everyone.  If you see this in a store and want a lower calorie, albeit smaller, alternative to a candy bar, then this would be a good option to pick up.


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  1. They are awesome. Seriously like a candy bar. The chocolate chip is my new favorite


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