Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review: Quaker Popped Vanilla Creme Brulee Rice Snacks

Editor's Note:  While the product has stayed the same, Quaker now markets these under a different named and they are now called "Quaker Popped Rice Snacks." The review below applies the same.

More Quakes flavors!  YEA!  At this point, you are probably as tired of these reviews as I am, assuming you are a regular reader.  But, I made a pledge to myself that I would make my way through every single Quakes flavor that I could find, so I'll keep reviewing them until I run out.  The good news is that the end is in sight, so I'll run out eventually.  This time though, I'll be looking at the Vanilla Creme Brulee flavor.  Clocking in at 120 calories per serving (about three per bag), I picked this one up at Kroger on sale for $1.00.

Using the often referenced, brilliant texture rating system that I concocted for these Quakes, the Vanilla Creme Brulee variety falls into the "plastic" category as they have a hard, shiny exterior.  Outside of that, there's not a lot of coloring to these as the vanilla in the flavor does not have any true color to describe it.

Taste-wise, the flavor is a lot like the coloring of the Quake, meaning that its pretty bland.  There's a faint hint of vanilla flavoring, but outside of that, these are pretty plain and all you are really doing is eating a hard rice snack and that's really not all that appealing.  It's like a bad diet joke.  The best thing these Quakes have going for them is that they are very crunchy, so if you are a crunchy junkie or have a craving for something crunchy, this one would appeal to you.

Buy It or Fly By It?  FLY BY IT.  Like I said, the only thing these things have going for them is that they are crunchy.  Outside of that, there's no particular reason to purchase these because they essentially have no flavor.  That's especially true when the Quakes line has so many other desirable flavors that are both crunchy and also tasty.  If you do end up buying this, make sure you have a dip or something to dunk these in, because that's the only way you are going to get any sort of flavor into the equation.



  1. I am eating this very variety of the Quakes as I am reading your review. (I was looking for coupons for this product and your blog came up in the results.) I disagree with your review these Quakes are sooo good, I can't stop eating them. The other flavors suck thats true but the Vanilla Creme Brulee is on the money! You need some new taste buds lol

  2. I agree with Reign. They other flavors are bland, but these are great! I purchased a bag of these and my husband and I ate the whole bag in one sitting.


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