Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review: Larabar Cherry Pie Food Bar

I've had pretty miserable luck with Larabars here on the blog.  I've always found the names to be extremely appealing, but the delivery of the taste to be extremely disappointing.  Despite this, I continue to produce these Larabar reviews for your enjoyment.  Actually, I bought something like ten of them at one time and don't want to be wasteful by throwing them away, so I just review them because I hate wasting things by throwing them out.  Anyway, I picked this Cherry Pie bar one up at Mejier for around a dollar and it comes in at 1.7 ounces with 200 calories and five grams of protein.  As with all Larabars, it's all natural and made with very few ingredients.  In this case, the only ingredients are dates, unsweetened cherries and almonds.

Judging from the picture, you can obviously see that this one look like any other Larabar in that it is held together by a puree of hardened, but still semi-soft, dates.  The nut component, in this case a noticeable amount of almonds to simulate a "pie crust", adds the crunch to the bar and then the bar is flavored with whatever extra ingredient(s) that it needs to attempt to achieve its name.  In this case, the mixture includes unsweetened cherries and when you split the bar in half, you can clearly see the dried out cherries in the mix, so at least they are following through on the all natural part and not adding any artificial cherry flavor.

Like I said, the cherry flavor is all natural with no additives and you can clearly tell with this bar because the cherry flavor is strong and very sweet.  When I saw unsweetened cherries as an ingredient, I scratched my head because while I know that cherries are ordinarily sweet, I expected the taste of them in this bar to be flat.  That was not the case here and the cherries provided a wonderful sweetness to compliment the sweetness of the dates.  The almond pieces, while not huge, also provided a nice crunch to the bar that would simulate the crust of a pie.  All in all, this one tasted like the filling of a homemade cherry pie and when  you can create a snack bar that is able to do that, you have got a good one.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Well, for the first time in this blog's history, I can give a Larabar a BUY IT rating.  The really is a delightful bar and its simulation of a cherry pie is nearly spot on.  The only part that it misses on is a great interpretation of a pie crust, but I can definitely look past that because the taste of the rest of the bar is so darn good.  Kudos, Larabar, you've finally delivered on the promise of a product name!


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