Thursday, February 23, 2012

Review: Pure Protein Chocolate Deluxe Bar

My friendly neighborhood Meijer has a quite a selection of these Pure Protein bars, so I picked up one of each for review purposes (and to eat obviously).  This Chocolate Deluxe bar, along with all the others I purchased, was $1.29 per bar.  Loaded up with 180 calories and 20 grams of protein in a compact, but dense, 1.76 ounces, let's see how this one measured up to the others and also see if it is worth a darn.

Texturally, this is just a big chocolate brick and that's pretty much what you'd expect from something called a Chocolate Deluxe bar.  The internal composition is all chocolate all the time.  It's not airy chocolate or wafer-like chocolate, it's just a big chocolate brick with a very solid texture.  Frankly, it's so solid that it takes a little effort to split it in half.  But hey, I do these reviews for you guys, so I used my bulging muscles (the protein side effects from eating all these bars caused this) in order to tear it in half for the picture.  As you'd expect, the bar is coated in chocolate as well.

The flavor of the bar is kind of what you'd expect from the way it's all chocolate, all the time.  Not a supersweet chocolate, but just a mild and almost flat one.  They only thing that is sort of odd from a mouthfeel aspect is that the internal chocolate is very, very chewy and takes a bit of effort to get through.  The flavor is fine and very dense chocolate-y-ness (nice word), but it is just a workout to get through it.  I've come to expect these protein bars to be extraordinarily chewy, but this one seemed like it was more chewy than most.

Buy It or Fly By It?  For the chocolate and protein obsessed consumer, I would say to BUY IT.  Sure, there are better Pure Protein flavors out there and your jaw could get tired trying to chew through it, but the chocolate overload makes it worth it, especially for a chocolate freak like me.  That said, if you are a not a chocolate freak and/or are not chocolate obsessed, you are probably not going to enjoy this bar because it is a toughie to get through.  You'll probably want to give one of the other bars a shot in that case, if at all.



  1. I like how chewy they are! Yum! These are one of my favorite protein bars.

  2. They're really good when you're on the rag. I get my chocolate fix and I feel less weak from the protein.


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