Monday, February 6, 2012

Review: Dannon Oikos Black Cherry 0% Greek Yogurt

Dannon Oikos had a commercial in the Super Bowl last night and if it's good enough for John Stamos, it's good enough for me to do my second Dannon Oikos review, so I'm excited!  I bet you are excited too!  Ha!  Anyway, my first Oikos review ended up with me being presently surprised by how much I liked Dannon's "premium" Greek yogurt (it's "premium" because it costs the same as all other Greek yogurts with the exception of the fact that you get 0.7 less ounces of yogurt).  In this review, I'll be taking a look at the Black Cherry flavor.  This one contains 5.3 ounces of yogurt with 130 calories and twelve grams of protein.  I picked it up on sale at Marsh for $1.00.

As you can see on the packaging on this one, the fruit (black cherries) are on the bottom of this one, so I stirred it up and brought some of the cherries to the top for the glamour photo above.  Taking a closer look, you can see that these are pretty decent sized cherry bits and there are quite a few of them.  Also, for being little bits, I was surprised that they were pleasantly plump.  Well, they were plump for how small they are.  The rest of the yogurt cup is just your standard Greek yogurt in its thickness and creaminess.  One thing that was different about this yogurt cup though was that a bunch of the water from the cup had settled on the top of everything and added a weird oil-like sheen to the top of the yogurt cup.  Not exactly appetizing, but since I knew it was just water, I wasn't too worried about dying.  Not from this yogurt cup, at least.

Missing from the taste and smell of this yogurt, as with the last Oikos review, is that strong, almost rancid Greek yogurt smell.  Being that is what initially kept me from eating Greek yogurt for years (I'm accustomed to it now and it doesn't bother me), I certainly appreciated not having to deal with that.  In fact, the yogurt virtually had no taste at all and you could only tell it was Greek because it was thick and creamy.  The primary taste in this yogurt was the black cherries and I liked that quite a bit, they were sweet and almost jam-like in their composition and since I said they were pleasantly plump, they added a nice little chew to this one as I plowed through each heaping spoonful.  A thick and sweet Greek yogurt...who knew it existed?

Buy It or Fly By It?  This one gets a BUY IT rating just like the last Oikos review that I did.  This one was Fruit on the Bottom as opposed to just yogurt, but it certainly did not change the rating.  In fact, they both were excellent and I'm excited to see where this Dannon Oikos line goes from here as I've got a couple other flavors stocked in my refrigerator to try out as well.



  1. so try this. Take the plain version of the okios, and add a squirt of mioENERGY black cherry and one packet of equals.

    Makes for the perfect yoplait like cherry yogurt (no fruit) but really flavorful
    and it has caffeine :-)


  2. Love greek yogurt. This has modified corn starch in it? too sweet. I love sugar too.

  3. Hi, I really like the greek yoguirt but get bored with it because their variety is slim pickings LOL,,tried to contact them but can not find a way to ask them for more flavors :)


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