Sunday, February 5, 2012

Review: EAS Myoplex Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bar

Chocolate...a flavor so nice that EAS said it twice when they named this Chocolate Chocolate Chip bar.  I'll go ahead and sarcastically pat myself on the back for that stupendously awesome opening line.  Okay, maybe not.  Anyway, down to business with my second EAS review (first review here).  This bar rocks a large 2.65 ounces with 280 calories and a robust 25 grams of protein.  I picked this one up on sale at my local neighborhood Meijer for roughly $1.50.

As you can tell, the name of this one does not lie as there is a lot of chocolate in this one.  Not only that, when you open the package the smell of chocolate permeates the room because it is so powerful.  Let's go through how this one is built though...a base layer of chocolate is sort of gummy and consists of the whey protein layer topped by another layer of a chocolate cream-like substance that is then topped by a layer that somewhat resembles cookie dough.  In this "cookie dough" layer are several decent sized chocolate chips.  After that, the bar is then covered with a very thick layer of chocolate coating.

So, that's how it's built, but how did it taste?  Well, it tasted like chocolate and a lot of it.  The "cookie dough" layer wasn't really discernible because this bar was all chocolate all the time and when you have a bar that has chocolate in its name twice, that's kind of what you'd expect.  Since there was so much chocolate, the flavoring was both sweet and hearty.  When you encountered one of the chocolate chips, you also got a bit of crunch as well since the chips were quite hard and while that ordinarily would be unappetizing, it worked surprisingly well here.  The only thing that really didn't work well in this bar was the whey protein base layer.  It didn't taste bad, but as happens frequently with these protein bars, the base layer can tend to become gummy and difficult to chew.  It wasn't so horrible that it ruined the bar since the rest of the bar was soft and quite malleable, but it was kind of annoying to actually put some effort into chewing this base layer.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I would BUY IT because I am a chocolate freak.  If you are ambivalent about chocolate or don't like it, then this bar is probably not your cup of tea.  If you do like chocolate and can put up with the chewiness of the bar, I think you are going to like this one.  I know I did and no one was more surprised than me because I admittedly went into this one thinking it would be awful and it was not.  Good job, EAS.


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  1. Thanks for review, i didn't know about this product before. I've used myoplex shake for replacement my meal for loosing weight, this one It's good, so i think chocolate will be tasty and healthy too.


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