Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Review: Magnum Almond Ice Cream Bar

As I brought up in my previous Magnum review, Magnum bars were all the rage last summer when they made their way across the big pond to America.  I'm a sucker for marketing (I work in marketing in real life, so it's understandable), so I wanted to try out as many flavors of the bars that I could, so that leads me to this Almond Ice Cream bar.  It clocks in at 79 grams, if that means anything to you, so it is a fairly decent sized ice cream bar.  Each bar also claims 270 calories, so it is not exactly healthy, but honestly, dessert rarely can be classified as healthy.  I can't remember the price exactly, but I think I picked up a three pack of these at Marsh for around $3.99.

Looking at this one, you can see that it is a hard outer chocolate shell.  When you look at the ingredient list, you'll see this is Belgian milk chocolate...ohhh, fancy!  Mixed in with the chocolate is a plethora of decent sized almond bits, so this one is going to have crunch coming at you from two different directions with the hard shell and the almonds.  When you bite into the bar, you'll notice a vanilla ice cream with very noticeable vanilla flecks.  When you see that in an ice cream, you know the vanilla flavor is going to be strong and in my opinion, that is ALWAYS a good thing.

Appearances do not lie on this one either because the vanilla flavor was strong in this and as a big vanilla flavor lover, I really did appreciate that.  The fancy Belgian milk chocolate was well...how can I say this...extremely decadent.  The flavor was very rich and very thick, but not overly sweet, which was nice.  Had the flavor been very sweet and then mixed with the richness, this may have become inedible.  The chocolate's hard crunch was then helped along by the large and plentiful almond pieces as well and what you get here is a perfect mix of a crunchy and rich exterior with a soft and smooth interior.  The almonds didn't add a lot of flavor since the chocolate overpowered them, but they really didn't need that to make this work as they were primarily there for crunch.

Buy It or Fly By It?  You are going to want to BUY IT.  This one really does live up to the hype that it received when it came across the pond and it's definitely one that I will happily eat again in the future.  In my humble opinion, you should definitely do the same.  If I had to name a negative though, I would say this can lean toward the expensive side, but if you are fine with spending the dough, you should definitely do it.


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  1. Highly agree with you on this one. I've yet to try the dark and white varieties but all the rest are what ice cream bars dream to be.


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