Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Review: Kellogg's Special K Double Chocolate Protein Meal Bar

I've talked before about how seemingly everyone is trying to enter the protein bar market and I've even reviewed Kellogg's Special K bars before.  Next up in the Kellogg's Special K series is the Double Chocolate Protein Meal Bar.  It's 170 calories with 10 grams of protein and weighs in at a relatively light 1.59 ounces.  I picked this one up at Meijer for $1.09.

As you can see, this one is pretty basic.  It's the standard rice crisp interior surrounded by a layer of chocolate.  Being that this is a double chocolate bar, the chocolate layer is thicker than I'd expected, so that was a good start.  That said, this bar was rock hard and took a lot more effort to break in half that I would have ever expected.  Weird.

I should have known from the effort that it took to break this one in half that it was going to take a lot of effort to chew as well.  There was nothing soft about this bar and frankly, it was so hard that it was uncomfortable to chew.  As for the double chocolate, well, it was nice, strong and sweet, but nothing about it was at all surprising.  It was a pretty basic bar, which I guess is what you'd expect from something that basically just lists its only flavor as chocolate.  Even with the nice chocolate taste, the rock hard texture was a major turnoff.

Buy It or Fly By It?  There's nothing wrong with this bar, but it's just boring.  Because of that, I'd FLY BY IT.  There are so many different and tasty flavor profiles out there, that it's really not worth your time to waste energy (you'll need it to chew the rock hard bar) eating it.  That said, if you are a chocolate freak and/or end up with a bar that is not rock hard, you may end up liking this one, especially if you are able to find it at bargain basement prices.


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