Monday, January 2, 2012

Review: Zone Perfect Fudge Graham Nutrition Bar

It's funny, I feel like I am doing reviews of the same product all the time because these protein/nutrition/energy bar companies have so many different flavors of products out there. I don't mind it though for a couple of reasons.  First, the difference in flavors adds some variety to the monotony of my life and second, I actually do care about all twelve of my readers.  I don't want you guys buying stuff that sucks.

Anyway, it's time for another review of a different flavor of Zone Perfect Nutrition bars.  This time, it's the Fudge Graham variety.  This one clocks in at 1.76 ounces (all of their bars do), 210 calories and contains fourteen grams of protein.  I picked this one up at Kroger on sale for $1.00.

It seems like Zone Perfect never gets all that creative with their classic versions of their nutrition bars.  They are all covered with an outer coating of thin chocolate (I always wish it was thicker), have an interior made of of a Rice Krispie Treat-like interior and then have whatever chosen mix-in jumbled into that mess somehow.  Since this is a Fudge Graham mixture, they've chosen to simulate a s'more and have added in fudge, graham cracker pieces (not really visible) and tiny fudge pieces.  Outside of that, there's nothing all that different.

After tasting this though, I could tell there was one difference between this bar and the other Zone Perfect bars:  I could actually taste the chocolate in the outer coating!  Most of the time, it's just there for texture and mouthfeel.  This time, the chocolate taste was actually strong, although I will admit that may have been the fudge in the bar, but I'm choosing to look at the positive here.  Also, as I chewed the crunchy mix, I could clearly taste the marshmallows and graham cracker.  In fact, the graham cracker taste was very strong and as an avowed lover of graham crackers, I was quite pleased by that.  All of these ingredients mixed together well and did an excellent representation of a campfire treat.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I would definitely BUY IT.  In fact, I would even rate this one as awesome.  Crunchy, chocolate-y, graham cracker-y, marshmallow-y (it's "-y" day!), this one was truly wonderful.  If you like s'mores and want to give this one a shot, I do not believe you will regret it one bit because this is outstanding.



  1. I think zone bars are some of the best tasting, but the ingredients are also some of the worst.

    Wish they used a different protein source and a better fat blend.

  2. The graham ones are my favorite! I'm glad you liked it.

  3. Fudge Graham son las mejores!!! las mejores!!!

  4. I used to like these bars. They are good, but they can get really sweet. It's more of a dessert bar, in my opinion. The ingredients aren't that healthy either. But, if I had to choose between this and a snickers bar, I would choose this. Other than that, I'll stick with my CLIF and LUNA bars. Have you tried the Kashi GOLEAN CRISP Bars? They're not that bad either.

    1. Never have tried those and will to keep my eyes peeled in the store. Thanks!


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