Monday, October 24, 2011

Review: Pure Protein Peanut Marshmallow Eclipse Bar

In a lot of the names of these protein bars, you can obviously tell what the bar is trying to simulate.  For example, a Strawberry Shortcake bar is trying to impersonate an actual strawberry shortcake (see my review of Pure Protein's attempt; it was NOT a good attempt), except in protein bar form.  But, every now and then, you come across a protein bar (roughly $1.25 at Meijer) that has a mind-boggling title and this Pure Protein Peanut Marshmallow Eclipse is one of them.  Now, I obviously know what peanuts and marshmallows are, but what the heck is an eclipse as it relates to food?  I have no idea.  Granted,  it's probably just some "cute" marketers idea of making the product noticeable, but the name kind of bothers me.  Anyway, onto the review...

Physically, this slightly larger than a Twix sized bar starts off with a bottom layer of peanut-like crust (at least that is what the wrapper shows), topped with a marshmallow "fluff" and surrounded by a harder outer chocolate covering.  When you look at it though, it actually is something slightly different.  The picture doesn't do it justice, but the peanut "crust" is actually more gummy than it is crusty, but that is something that I've come to expect in a protein bar.  An example of what I mean by gummy is something like the nougat filling of a Snickers bar.  The marshmallow had the consistency of hardened toothpaste (not an appetizing visual) and the outer chocolate casing was just something that you'd see/feel in a regular candy bar.

Despite the fact that this bar did have an odd composition, it actually did have a pretty solid taste.  The crust/nougat had a distinctive, but not overbearing peanut taste and it was quite tasty.  The only problem was that it was very chewy and took a awhile to take down.  The marshmallow did taste like marshmallow fluff, it just felt different in your mouth because of its consistency.  As for the outer shell, I'm not sure how to describe this one.  It's not quite chocolate and it's not quite caramel, but it is somewhere in between and also had a slight peanut flavor which was pretty appetizing.

Buy It of Fly By It?  Buy It.  This is a flavor that will be going on my buy list for when I go out and make my protein bar purchases.  And, when it is only 180 calories and packs 19 grams of protein, you are really getting a nice protein boost without the heavy calorie load, which is quite nice.


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