Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Review: CLIF Kid Z Bar Full Moon Brownie

Next up in the the myriad of bars that I'll be reviewing for this site is a seasonal offering for Halloween by one of CLIF Bar line of products, the CLIF Kid Z Bar.  This one is the Full Moon Brownie flavor and despite that I have long since not been a kid, I'll try it out anyway.  CLIF bills their bars as all natural, so they at least win the mythical packaging award compared to some of the other bars that I've reviewed around here.  I bought this as part of a on sale at Kroger for about $0.69.  It's 130 calories a bar and roughly the same size/weight as a Quaker Chewy bar, so that's a decent comparison.

Also, as a side note, CLIF is routinely rated as one of America's best companies to work for, but that's neither here nor there, let's talk about the energy bar...

As you can see, this one look like a big blob of chocolate and "wet" granola.  When I say "wet" granola, I mean that it is not the normal texture that you would see in a granola bar.  It's more of a chewy and soft mix.  I can't think of a better way to describe it, but hopefully my picture can do more with visuals than I can do with words.  The chocolate brownie bar mix is interspersed with good sized white chocolate chips and then topped with white chocolate icing (as you can see above).  Being that chocolate and white chocolate icing are big time winners in my book, I can say that we are off to a good start.

Chewing this, you obviously feel that aforementioned chewy texture in your mouth.  Personally, I like that texture, so it didn't bother me any.  Flavor wise, this really did carry the strong, appealing taste of chocolate and I guess since it is chewy, that is how it can be classified as a brownie.  As for the white chocolate, well, that's where this one failed.  I could taste it, but only barely, I think.  When dark and white chocolates are competing, it is tough to discern, in my mind, which one is the white chocolate and which one is the regular chocolate.  Both were both sweet and enjoyable, but I couldn't figure out which is which.  Still, that's not a bad thing because this entire mix is a good one.

Buy It or Fly By It?  BUY IT.  Even though this is only a Halloween offering and will be available for a limited time, grab it in the store if you see it.  It's cheap and tasty and it's something that kids, or big kids in my case, will enjoy.  If you aren't able to get this one before they pull it off the shelves, you could also try regular Chocolate Brownie offering, but you'll be missing out on the white chocolate on that one.  Based on my review though, maybe you won't really be missing anything at all?



  1. thanks - been thinking of trying these!

  2. we buy the cliff z bar variety packs all the time. Love them!!!


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