Friday, August 10, 2018

The Perfect Guide on Choosing the Perfect Ice Cream Maker

You really don't need an excuse to have ice cream, but sometimes the store seems too far away, it's too hot to go outside, or you just don't want to deal with traffic.

When you have an ice cream maker, you get to enjoy a variety of treats including sorbets and gelatos as soon as you get a craving and in the comfort of our home. A machine will help you achieve a creamy, smooth and consistent product with minimal effort. Here is a guide to help you choose the perfect Ice Cream Maker.

First and foremost, ice cream makers have to feature several fundamental mechanisms to qualify being called Ice Cream Makers. One of the main features being the cooling system and the existence of a motor.

The most common machines usually have a freezing bowl or two which you ideally freeze with a liquid overnight then in the morning you can churn your ingredients in the container by hand or using a built-in or attachable motor. A robust ice cream maker with such a mechanism is the cuisinart ice 21.

With the compressor kind of cooling system, it is typically like having a mini freezer built into your ice cream maker.

Features to Look for in a Perfect Ice Cream Maker:

Ease of Use
Unless you’re comfortable doing all the work, choose a machine that that is compatible with your level of skill. This way you won't fumble around with controls and mechanisms. The motor will take away a lot of work for you. Similarly, a device with light and replaceable bowls is easy to use.Price.

You can get some model of ice cream maker for as little as $30. The trade-off is that you will need to put in more work. Some high-end machines will even cost close to $1000. For an average use home machine, go for the mid-range priced ice cream makers.

Ice cream Capacity
Sometimes the trade-off with capacity is usually the time required to complete a batch. Larger machines tend to need more time to freeze and churn and vice versa. Choose your poison: faster but smaller quantities or larger but slower batches.

Texture and Consistency vs. Motor Speed
Although the flavor depends on your ingredients, the machine's operation determines texture and consistency. For example, compressor machines tend to make smoother ice cream. If you prefer thick ice cream, the speeds should be slow. Similarly, the device should have a variety of faster speeds if you want lighter and thinner cream.

Preparation Speed
If you want to have ice cream the same day you decide to make it, go for compressor machines. Using traditional ice cream makers will take hours for you to finish one batch especially if you are churning by hand.

Other Considerations:
  • The noise of the motor should be withstandable.
  • Ease of cleaning. Choose a machine which is easy to take apart.
  • Aesthetics: A tool should complement the design of your home.
  • Other machine-specific features such as stay cool options, ice cream hardness option and instant notifications.
Homemade ice cream is a much healthier option. At least you have control over what goes into your ice cream. It makes it easier to monitor calories, experiment with flavors and observe hygiene as well. Above everything else, do not compromise quality over cost. Many ice cream makers have a lot of features and are also budget-friendly. And after reading this guide, it should be easier to make a choice that you will be comfortable living with for a while.

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