Friday, August 17, 2018

7 Snacks Ideal for Moving Day

Although a moving day symbolizes new beginnings and opportunities for many people, it is an exhausting one with many activities to undertake such as packing, cleaning and organizing your new home. The least you can do is making or buying snacks for you and your helpers to keep you full and energized the entire day. The ideal snacks should not be heavy because they may slow you and your team. Choose snacks that ease hunger and are quick to prepare.

Below are seven easy to prepare snacks for your moving day.

1. Sandwiches

On a moving day, sandwiches never disappoint and provide a great snack. You can make sandwiches by using ham, eggs, chicken, and tofu and play with different types of bread. Also, you can use whole wheat bread to make peanut butter sandwiches that are tasty and energizing.

2. Cookies

You can bake or buy cookies for your moving day. Rather than go for the regular cookies, you can choose oatmeal cookies that are more nutritious and healthy. Cookies taste amazing when everyone is sitting on boxes after a tiring moving day.

3. Dark chocolate Coconut Protein Balls

They are delicious, simple and easy to make snacks for your moving day. The protein balls are made using honey, chia seeds, almond butter, dark cocoa powder, coconut, vanilla, and protein powder to produce an incredible taste and health benefits.

4. Dried Fruit
Dried fruits are good options for a moving day because they contain protein fiber and natural sugars to keep you energized and satisfied the whole day. You can choose from a wide range of dried fruits ranging from dates, prunes, peaches, apples, and raisins. You and your team of professional movers will enjoy the sweet taste and nutritive value of dried fruits when moving.

5. Trail Mix

Trail mix is a perfect snack mix for the momentous moving day because it is lightweight, nutritious, and provides a quick energy boost. You can go beyond the traditional trail mix made of raisins and peanuts and combine anything that sounds good. You can also include chocolate, candies, dried fruits, and grains to get your preferred sweet or savory taste.

6. Tacos

Treat your kids to this traditional Mexican snack on a moving day and they will love it. Tacos are versatile and allow you to use different fillings such as beef, chicken, vegetables, and cheese depending on your preferences. Do not forget to garnish them a bit with salsa, onions, avocado, or lettuce.

7. Celery and Peanut Butter 

Celery and peanut butter are great and easy to make snacks that many people love. They provide useful fiber and protein to keep you full and your body and mind agile.

At times, it is impossible to get a real meal on a moving day, so healthy snacks come in handy and give you the energy to keep going. Although pizza and beer are staples for the moving day, you do not have to settle for them; you can be unique and prepare something different. Try out some of these snacks on your next moving day and you will be full and energized the whole day. Importantly, ensure you drink lots of water to keep you hydrated. Happy eating, and happy moving.

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