Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Great Chicken Tips for Any Type of Cooking

Chicken is a delicacy which is famous around the world. If you take someone out, they want chicken. If you are making a special dinner for your family, chicken is involved. However, cooking chicken has is sometimes hard and today we are going to look at tips to use to up the game in your kitchen.

How to Make the Chicken Meat Tender
There are several ways to make your chicken feel tender. We are going to list two only though.
  • Use a meat tenderizer
For those who are not familiar with the tool, it is a wooden type of hammer used to soften the meat. The side used for hitting meat has contours. It is not necessary to buy a tenderizing tool if you have a hammer but food and dirt don’t work together. A tenderizer use involves some rules. The first rule is, to use boneless chicken otherwise your meat will become all bony. The second rule is to cover your meat with a kitchen bag to prevent pieces from scattering all over.
  • Marinate your chicken
Marinating is not for great taste only. The essential purpose is to tenderize meat and chicken is no exception. There are various methods of marinating your chicken like using yoghurt and vinegar. These two are common, but other marinades like fruits, soda and salt can work for you. Acidic marinades will work better for your meat. To marinate, dip the chicken in the marinade and give it one hour. That is not the limit though. The chicken can stay for more than one hour.

Brining The Chicken
When it comes to brining, there are two categories. The dry and wet brining. Wet brining is common, and it involves dipping your chicken inside salt water and leaving it there for some time. The purpose of brining is to ensure the chicken doesn’t lose water when cooking. The other use of salt is to preserve the chicken.

Use Spices And Seasonings
For chicken to taste great, spices should become your best friend. Try different spices not excluding hot spices and make one delicious meal for your friends or family. After cooking, seasoning the chicken will complement the taste and look. Seasonings include vinegar, lemon peels and coriander leaves.

Take Time to Prepare Your Chicken
When preparing chicken, remember time is of the essence. You are not preparing noodles or tea, are you? Patience is required to ensure the chicken brines properly, the marinade sinks, and the chicken cooks evenly. Patience ensures your chicken smells and tastes good, and when people eat it, they will come asking for tips.

Choose Young Chicken to Cook
One thing no one will tell is that old chicken has tough meat. Always ask for young chicken meat when you go to the butcher. You don’t want to have a methuselah chicken for supper. That chicken is hard.

Cooking chicken is a fun task, and you should never go wrong. Use the tips mentioned above, and cook delicious chicken for you, and your friends. Gami chicken and beer restaurant make such chicken, and you should try out the beer too. You can also try out the best Korean fried chicken Melbourne here.

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