Thursday, March 15, 2018

How to Select the Right Wine Cooler

Wine lovers sometimes get to that point where they turn their love for wine to a collecting exercise, and this might happen while at a winery tour or festival, so after you have discovered that wine is amazing you decide to carry a case home. The challenge comes in storing the wine to ensure it remains good all the time. There are few solutions you could try for storage but the most reliable is using a wine cooler. Choose the right cooler depending on your needs.

Here are some of the things you want to consider when choosing a wine cooler.


Size is dependent on the amount you intend to store as well as the space you have left at home. If your intake is just a few bottles, you might just do well with a small wine cooler, but in some cases you will want to reconsider your choice if you are a regular consumer and you would also love to have a wide variety of wine to store. Don’t compromise on space with the wine cooler to a point it takes up the space for other items in the house. Check for some different sizes and designs of wine coolers that you can buy for your needs.

Design and Shape

Where are you going to place the cooler? You need to understand the best place to place it and whether it will fit perfectly. Depending on the shape of the space, you can get a freestanding wine cooler if you are sure it will not compromise on the esthetics of the house, or you could decide to have a built-in wine cooler that comes with the advantage of a finished and neat look. There are also countertop wine coolers that can fit up to 12 bottles, and these come ideal if your space is limited.

Features to Look For

There are added features that you should consider that will make the cooler more efficient and effective. These include UV-resistant glass doors that will help to offer protection against UV rays, which could damage your wine. Ideally, this allows you to even install the cooler outside where there is direct sunlight.

Humidity Controls

You may also want to check humidity controls. With low humidity levels, wine could dry out the cork and this could lead to air getting into the bottle and damaging the quality of the wine. With humidity controls you can manage the amount of humidity the wine is exposed to.

Temperature Control

You may also want to consider adding temperature alarms and memory function. The alarm will alert you when the door is opened and will inform you about changes in temperature inside the cooler. The memory function remembers the temperature settings you applied and will help to restore the right temperature after power loss.

Buying a wine cooler is an important decision that you should take after you have conducted a survey to understand the best ways to store your wine. Get the best cooler that will not only serve the purpose of storage perfectly, but also blend with other items in your home. Try the suggestions above when looking for a wine cooler.

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