Tuesday, March 13, 2018

5 Tips for finding a great espresso

The main goal of drinking espresso is to enjoy and savor the taste, loving every sip that you take. Sometimes the espresso that you have in cafes is not of the best quality. Whether you are having your espresso at home, or in cafes, the best espresso must be from the best coffee beans, which have undergone the right brewing process and methodology in preparation.
A good espresso machine that functions well, providing the right temperature will give you the perfect espresso. The equipment doesn’t have to be costly to serve you the best espresso. You can purchase a good espresso machine from various online stores. Get more information and guidance on how to choose an espresso machine at https://coffeeinmyveins.com/best-espresso-machines/, but first here are some tips to finding a great espresso.


Espresso that has been prepared with the right consistency should be thick and highly viscous compared to the regular coffee. Getting the fine grind is not easy, but depending on the grinder used, you can achieve the right consistency. Fine grind allows the smooth passing of water, which heats up evenly giving the desired flavor. The consistency level is normally evident from the residue that is left at the bottom of the cup once the espresso is finished. The dried residue should be brown in color.

Water and Temperature

In order to achieve high flavor when making espresso, the temperature used in the preparation of espresso should be high. The water used should be of high quality with no traces of mineral deposits which would affect the taste. Get a water test kit if you are unsure of the water quality.
The temperature of the water should be at 195-205⁰ F. The pressure of about 131 pounds is exerted and the water is forced through finely ground coffee beans to bring out the perfect flavor. While some espresso machines have timers, some have to be controlled manually. Espresso should be served hot.


The dissolved oils after the extraction are what make up the crema, foamy in appearance which adds to the sweet and delicious flavor. The crema normally has a golden brown to deep brown color taking up 1/3 to 1/2 of the cup. How the crema looks will depend on the temperature and pressure during preparation, sometimes appearing lighter.


Nothing complements perfectly blended espresso like the sweet aroma that it produces. A great espressos smell should be felt from a distance. Espresso prepared from coffee that is too acidic produces a sour smell and taste. Ensure that your coffee is high quality.


A great espresso should be rich in taste, with some level of bitterness and show no high water content. Upon tasting, the espresso should be of the right consistency.

Pick on a flavor

There is nothing wrong with a little experimentation. Try out different flavors and settle on one that suits you. Avoid combining different flavors or adding syrups which would affect the overall taste after extraction is complete.
With the right espresso machine, you can make the best espresso at the comfort of your home by getting the finest grind and setting up the correct pressure and temperature.

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