Friday, March 16, 2018

5 Excellent Cumin Substitutes for your Culinary Needs

A great meal is determined by the kind of ingredients you use and also the spices. Different spices are available for making some of the best world cuisines and one spice that a lot of chefs have recognized over the time is the cumin spice. The spice is widely used by the Mexicans, Africans and even in the Indian land.What makes the spice unique is the taste that it gives to your food. It has a nutty flavor, and some people also described the spice to having some citric taste which is bitter to some users still. The spice is used in making the best curry spices, and you can also use it in the place of chili. Use cumin in the form of oils, whole or even grounded. If you cannot access this spice in your area, the following are five other best substitutes to use.

1. Caraway Seeds

What makes caraway seed to be the best cumin substitute spice is due to their similarities in appearance and taste. The caraway seeds are extracted from the parsley plants and are used for spicing the bread and other pastries and the liqueur. Note that although this spice is suitable for use on behalf of cumin spice, one is required to use half of it to ensure that it gives that taste of cumin spice.

2. Chilli Powder

As we read earlier, some people recommend the use of cumin spice for those who need some hot taste in their food. And the best alternative to use in place of this spice is the chili powder. One important thing to keep in mind though when using chili powder is the amount of content to use. Too much chili may spoil the dish and give it an over spiced taste, Therefore, be careful when adding the spice and do it moderately.

3. Coriander

Coriander is another spice that is classified in the family of the parsley. It is widely used for making stews, rice, and any other sweet dish.The spice is known to give the same flavor and taste as cumin seed. Use it fresh or even when grounded as the taste and the texture of the two are the same. However, to get the best taste of the spice, use one teaspoon of coriander to compensate 3/8 of cumin spice.

4. Turmeric

Although turmeric cannot be classified as the closest substitute of cumin seeds, the spice can also be used for providing the best taste and spicing of the food. It is equipped with a sweet aroma and an earthy flavor just like cumin. It can also be used in a variety of culinary dishes which include pastries and bread.

5. Curry Powder

Cumin is used for making Indian dishes, but for those who can't get the spice, they prefer to use curry powder since it gives the same tastes to the Indian dishes. Curry powder is also much easier to access from different outlets which are convenient for so many people.

Cumin spices are versatile since they can be used for making a wide variety of dishes. But, if you cannot access the spice in your local shop or market, use the above spices since they give the same taste and flavor to your food. Know the right measurement of the substitute spices and how to add them to your culinary.

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