Monday, February 15, 2016

Review: Good2Go Almond Fruit Nut Protein Bars

Several months ago, I received a four boxes of a variety of bars from Good2Go.  Well, it's taken me several months, but I am FINALLY ready to wrap up the reviews of what all I received in those boxes as I take a dive into this review of the Good2Go Almond Fruit Nut Protein Bars.  As you can see from above, there are eight bars per box and each bar clocks in at 2.47 ounces.  What you can't see is that each bar has 298 calories and a fairly robust 18 grams of protein.  It's also gluten free, so it's got that going for it.

You take a look at this in the picture above and as you can see, it doesn't look much different than the other bars that I've reviewed.  The bar is primarily a base of strong smelling almond butter with a variety of mix-ins included.  In this case, the mix-ins include some almond chunks to add to the almond presence of the bar, along with some raisins.  Also included, but not quite visible, is some raw honey, cinnamon, oats and also vanilla.  As I mentioned previously, this bar smells strongly of that aforementioned almond butter and also carries and ever-so-slight hint of vanilla.  It's a bulky bar that's solidly constructed, so this definitely fits the protein bar motif.

Biting into this was a bit difficult, but once I got paste that, I was immediately met with a strong almond/almond butter taste with that hint of vanilla and a touch of honey sweetness mixed in.  Quite frankly, the almond butter portion of this alone was DELICIOUS.  Making my way through the bar, I encountered some of the oats, which brought some graininess and then the almonds, which brought crunch, and finally the raisins, which brought chewiness,  This bar had a whole lot of different textures and all of them made this one interesting.

Buy It or Fly By It?  The star of the show was the delicious almond butter/honey/vanilla mix. I just can't say enough.  Ever eat one of those foods that even though you are full, it is so good that you just want more?  That's how I felt with this bar.  That's not a feeling that I get often and since this was so delicious that it gave me that feeling, it clearly gets a exceptionally strong BUY IT rating.  Everything worked well here to provide a delicious package and I like that this was the final product in my review cycle of these Good2Go bars because now they get to go out on a positive note!


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