Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Review: Blue Isle Mediterranean Strawberry Yogurt Spread

Today is once again me plowing through another Blue Isle review as I was given several samples to try out.  So far, I've been struck by the absolutely utility of these as they can be used as spreads, dips, etc.  Today's review is no different as this 8.0 ounce container of Blue Isle Mediterranean Strawberry Yogurt Spread can be used for many purposes as well.  Something I found interesting about this was that at the time of this review writing, the Blue Isle website lists this as its newest flavor.  Seems odd that a company would take so long to create a product based on one of the most common fruits.  Anyway, this container has eight two tablespoon-sized servings and each serving is 60 calories with one gram of protein each.  As with yogurt in general, this spread is also high in probiotics.

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When I think strawberry, I think bright red.  With a lot of the strawberry-flavored food products that I review, strawberry portrays itself as light red or even pink.  In the case of this container, it portrayed itself as almost white, so obviously there was not a lot of color in this as you can see above.  Now, there was some color, but not a ton.  There was a ton of strawberry smell though and that was quite appealing and appetizing as soon as I opened the container.  As for texture, it was lighter than a cream cheese, but stiffer than a yogurt that you'd get out of a yogurt container.

Wanting to taste this alone, I dipped in a spoon for a small taste and what I got was an immediate hit of strawberry mixed with a bit of tang.  Quite frankly, it was delicious.  I know this is supposed to be used as a spread or as a dip for graham crackers or similar products, but I would (and did) eat this on its own.  Mildly sweet from the strawberry and mildly biting from the yogurt tang, this was a delightful mix.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I don't know what took Blue Isle so long to introduce this flavor to make it their "newest", but they should be glad they did, because this is delicious and easily gets a BUY IT rating.  If you see this in the store and want to use it for whatever purpose you like, I think you'll be delighted by the end result.


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