Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Review: Chobani flip Chipotle Pineapple Greek Yogurt

Every now and then, I encounter a product that just completely knocks me off guard.  Today's review is one of those products because I would have NEVER expected a Greek yogurt to have both chipotle and pineapple as the core flavors, especially a Chobani product since most of theirs that I've reviewed have been of the sweet variety.  And quite honestly, I was scared to grab this container of Chobani flip Chipotle Pineapple Greek Yogurt out of the dairy case (there's another one that is an even stranger combination that I'll review later).  I guess curiosity overpowered my fears though and that's why we are here today.  This container is packed with 5.3 ounces of Greek yogurt and mix-ins and has 190 calories and twelve grams of protein.

Let's not kid ourselves here.  This whole thing is just weird.  I'm kind of in a hurry today, so I'll let Chobani briefly describe this:  "Pineapple Low-Fat Yogurt with Chipotle Granola, Smoked Almonds and Pumpkin Seeds."  Yep, that's it.  The Greek yogurt itself was mostly white, but there was a faint tint of yellow to it to simulate the pineapple.  It also had a faint aroma of pineapple as well.  As for the mix-ins, they were definitely there, although there were not a ton of them as you can see.  They basically just smelled of the smoky flavor that I'd expect from something chipotle-esque.

First taking a taste of the pineapple Greek yogurt, I can honestly say that there wasn't a lot of pineapple flavoring.  There was a very slight hint of it, but since pineapples are mostly tart, that tart flavor could have been from Greek yogurt as well since that is its customary flavor.  The only real noticeable thing about it was an ever-so-slight hint of sweetness.  As for the mix-ins alone, they were salty and smoky, as I'd expect.  I then mixed everything together and what I got was a very interesting flavor combination.  Sweet, tart, smoky, salty, spicy, you name it and this had it.  It was just all over the board and quite frankly, the spicy/smoky flavor worked quite well with the tart/sweet flavor.  It had great balance and played off of each other very well.  It's as if these flavors belong together.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Part of me wanted to be disgusted by this so that I could write a scathing review, but in the end, that is not what happened.  This was so oddly appealing and tasty that I have to give it a BUY IT rating.  It is certainly unique and I think I appreciate that as much as I appreciate the flavor of this.  If you are interested in trying something that is VERY different, yet also tasty, I'd recommend you grab this one if you see it.


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