Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Review: Good2Go Almond Chocolate Chip Protein Bars

In my last Good2Go review, I mentioned my history with the "G2G" tagline but I'll refrain bringing that up again just to spar you the insanity (stupidity) of my life.  Instead, I'll just dive into today's review where I obtained these Good2Go Almond Chocolate Chip Protein Bars via a free product sampling via the company itself.  There are eight bars in a box and each bar clocks in at 2.47 ounces and a precise 298 calories (I'll spare that diatribe again too) with eighteen grams of protein.  It's also gluten free, seemingly as an increasing number of products are.

So, if you click on the link above and then compare the title of the page to the name on the box of these, you'll see a discrepancy where G2G has pulled a fast one.  The box just says Almond while the website says Almond Butter.  I point this out because this bar is primarily a mix of almond butter with chopped almonds and chocolate chips mixed in.  The almond butter has quite a strong and appealing scent and the chocolate chips are not overly plentiful, but they are well represented.  I should point out that they are semisweet chocolate chips as well, which is something I learned from reading the ingredient list.  I also learned that there's the slight addition of cinnamon in here (as with all of G2G's bars), but you wouldn't be able to notice that if you just looked at the bar itself.  The small flecks of cinnamon are apparently buried deep within.

G2G recommends that you refrigerate their bars because they have no preservatives and as I lamented in the last review, that dries these out and makes them somewhat difficult to chew.  I won't harp on it too much other than to say that it is not something that I'm fond of.  Anyway, once I was able to start chewing, I was immediately met by a strong, yet pleasing taste of almond butter that filled my mouth and senses that was hit with an ever-so-slight touch of honey sweetness.  That almond butter really took over the entire bar with its nutty flavor and while I could feel the chocolate chips and their pop in my mouth (the chopped almonds also brought some pop), I couldn't really taste them except for a faint little hint of them at the end of each bite after they had melted.  That said, I don't really have a complaint about that because this really tasted like an almond chocolate chip cookie and quite frankly, that's unique itself.  Unique and quite tasty actually.

Buy It or Fly By It?  That last sentence kind of spoiled this.  Obviously this gets a BUY IT rating and even though I already said this is quite tasty, I'll say it again and also add a bit more to that by saying that this was borderline delicious.  Almond is often a flavor that gets overpowered by other flavors, but it didn't in this case and that made it yummy.  If you see these and want to try something tasty and different, give them a shot.  Just be prepared for a tough chewing experience.


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