Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Review: Ehrmann Mixim Fat-Free Greek Yogurt with Cherry and Dark Chocolate Curls

My last Ehrmann review mentioned  that this was a new product that popped up in my store.  I have mentioned many times previously how I always like to see new products sneak up in the store on me, because when that happens, I often binge shop and buy several options of that product and that's what leads me to today's review of this Ehrmann Mixim Fat-Free Greek Yogurt with Cherry and Dark Chocolate Curls that I picked up at Kroger for $1.29.  This extremely long named product clocks in at 5.3 ounces of separated weight and within all that separation, it contains 160 calories and ten grams of protein.

For this review, I actually had half a brain so that I could take a picture where the orientation of the product is what it is supposed to be and actually looks like a heart.  Hooray for me.  Anyway, but bulk of the heart is just the plain fat-free Greek yogurt.  The upper left chamber (like my heart-speak there?) is made of the cherry mixture and the upper right is the small, brittle dark chocolate curls.  Nothing truly of note here other than the fact that the cherry mixture had a pleasant cherry smell emanating from it.  The Greek yogurt consistency was kind of thin, but I suppose that is fine since the mix-ins would just thicken it up once dumped in.

So, I initially tasted the Greek yogurt and it was pretty plain.  I didn't expect much and I didn't get much, but that is fine.  Next to taste was the cherry mixture and I've got to say that it was delicious.  Alternately sweet and tart, it was everything I would like cherry flavor to be.  Lastly, I grabbed a couple of the brittle dark chocolate curls and they were pretty much as I would have expected.  Quickly melting with a mild snap due to their brittleness, they had some dark chocolate flavor, but it was tough to discern because they were so small.  As the final part of the review, I dumped (Mixim'd) everything together and what I got was a pleasing treat.  The cherry mix retained it's flavor, although it was slightly muted from all the other flavors.  That said, it was still prevalent and the dark chocolate curls added some nice crunchy and melting qualities to the entire package.  Their dark chocolate flavor was only noticeable in that it didn't bring any additional sweetness.  The Greek yogurt was just plain and a platform to deliver the other products, but that was no real surprise.

Buy It or Fly By It?  The cherry mix makes this and for that, I'll give it a BUY IT rating.  In general, this is pretty tame, but if you are a big fan of cherry like I am, I think you'll enjoy this cherry mix quite a bit.  Don't expect delicious, but do expect something that is fairly well done.


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