Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Review: Promax Lemon Bar Protein Bar

I mentioned in a previous Promax review that a representative of theirs was kind enough to reach out to me to offer my some flavors of some sample bars.  Today's review is another one of those reviews as I'll be diving into one of Promax's original product offerings in this Promax Lemon Bar Protein Bar.  It's a protein bar, so it's on the bulky side at 2.64 ounces and within that bulk is 290 calories and twenty grams of protein.  Now, just because it is bulky doesn't mean it's bad because it's also gluten free, kosher and vegetarian.  Honestly, I would not have anticipated that.  Of course, I probably wouldn't have thought of it, but now that I know, I'm mildly surprised.

This bar is one of the originals, so it's pretty "original" in it's appearance.  The outside of the bar is a coating of plain, old yogurt that flakes a bit when you pick at it.  The inside of the bar, which I will not was quite soft and made this bar quite pliable, was a lemon bar mix that included the classic soy crisps.  I haven't had a ton of lemon bars in my life, but when it came to the interior of this, I've got to say that Promax did a pretty solid job emulating that.  The bar also smelled strongly of lemon, as I would have expected and while the yogurt had minimal-to-no smell, it was clear that it was present despite the fact that it's thickness faded in some areas.

Biting into this, it was an initial burst of lemon pop followed by some cooling from the yogurt coating to tame that lemon tang a bit.  Don't get me wrong, it was still quite tangy, but the cooling and melting properties of the yogurt saved me from having to pucker my lips with each bite.  Thank goodness.  What was interesting about this bar is what I kind of already pointed out already by saying that it was pliable.  It was quite soft, sort of liked a baked good, but it also had a minimal amount of gumminess to it that made it not quite pastry consistency and not quite gummy consistency, but somewhere in between.  That was different.  Within that lemon "pastry" mix was the scattered soy crisps and those crisps brought some occasional crunch, which was a nice change of pace to break up the chewy/gummy qualities of the bar.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Let's get one thing straight...the lemon in here was pretty potent.  I didn't think that it was overwhelming so I'll give it a BUY IT rating, but I could see how the lemon flavor could be a bit overwhelming for some (think of a lemon Starburst candy).  The yogurt coating did enough to cool this off for me, but it might not be enough for others.  This is truly one of those bars that I personally can say that I like, but I'm not sure about how others will feel.  It comes down to tolerance levels.  If you feel you've got the tolerance level, go for it.


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